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on January 29, 2011

We are trying to rest. I’m not very good at resting, so this is kind of a challenge. Nice ladies from church have brought us a few yummy meals and Andy and the girls cleaned up the house today. My mom came over Friday to help with the kids and to take Abigail and I back to the hospital so they could weigh her again to make sure she’s growing. My milk came in, so now she’s eating a lot and was up most of Friday night gorging herself. She went to sleep right about when Vincent wanted to wake up. Wonderful. Friday I was able to nap pretty well during the day with my mom here though, so I survived the night. I even took a nap right before dinner, which turned out to be a very wise decision. Hopefully Abigail will sleep better Saturday night because we are going to church in the morning. Yes, I know I’m a little crazy. I don’t like missing church and I like to show off my baby and I hold her most of the time. I’m on my major medicine and she has all kinds of immunities, so now is the perfect time.
Abigail in her bed at home. She needed to wake up to eat.See how much hair Abigail has?!Elizabeth likes to hold Abigail. She’s so tiny!
I was playing with my camera settings. This one is pretty good, but compare it to the next one.
See? Why have I not found this great camera setting before? I’ve had this camera for years…
Proof that we are hanging out resting….but not so much that I don’t shower. Showers are essential. =)
Just another shot in her crib with the tutu.
Vincent will be three years old on Monday and next Sunday is Elizabeth’s birthday and baptism. Elizabeth has a whole list of things she wants to do for her birthday party with friends (which won’t be until the following week). I wonder where she came up with making lists…She just needs to make her invitations (she started them today), her cake, and the pinata. She came up with some games, party favors, and even turn order for who gets to hit the pinata first. We are skipping doing a family party at our house this year for Vincent and Elizabeth, but we are having cake at Andy’s parent’s house for Vincent and one of his cousins tomorrow.

2 responses to “resting

  1. Auntie wants to hold her!!! She is sooooo sweet!!! I can't believe how much hair she has!!!

  2. Mary says:

    I'm glad you are resting. And that I could come and help. Have fun showing her off tomorrow.

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