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Just like Mommy?

on February 1, 2011

So, I think from this picture you can tell what I do all day now. Abigail is a week old. I use the yellow pillow though and I don’t need that plastic baby. I’m glad he wasn’t trying to pick Abigail up. Olivia carried Vincent through the house when he was just a few days old (and she was only 2 1/2 and smaller than Vincent. Yikes! I was sleeping and Andy was in charge of them.)
Here’s a video of Vincent ‘splaining himself. I walked past this little scene and had to grab my camera. It’s too funny.


2 responses to “Just like Mommy?

  1. That is too funny!!! We've been watching a lot of "Bringing home Baby" on TLC and Jackson asked what the Mom was doing today while breastfeeding. He sure is full of strange questions lately anyway… haha

  2. janaemadsen says:

    oh that is a funny movie- Danielle was so curious about it and asked why Mark kept hurting me at first. oops.

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