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Abigail One Month

on February 25, 2011

Today Abigail is one month old.
We spent the morning running errands and came home about 1:30 to relax (and for Abigail to feast.) After dropping off the girls at school, Vincent, Abigail, and I came home, I showered, fed Abigail, and then we were off to the library to drop off a movie that was due, the bank, a store to get something that they were out of (couponing Oreos for cheap), picked Olivia up from her early Friday, off to the Pasco WalMart to get Vincent’s picture taken for his three year (his last professional picture was when he was 18 months old…..oops), grocery/toiletry shopping at WalMart, then 20 minutes at Costco, and we were done in perfect time to go home, drop off groceries, and get Elizabeth at school. It’s nice to get all those errands done and relax for the afternoon until Andy gets home from work.
Vincent is still doing well with potty-training and has only had a few accidents, which really just happen now because I forget to make him go often enough sometimes. It’s almost like I’m distracted or something. He is doing well though. He keeps calling his poop little rocks. We’ve started pushing apple juice. =)Here are a few more cute pictures I took of Abigail just now at one month old. Today she rolled over (tummy to back) and smiled back at me when I was talking to her. We’ll see if she keeps the rolling up. It might have been a fluke because I was out of the room when she did it and there was a blanket under her that wasn’t quite smooth.
Her eyes are still blue. At this point she hasn’t lost any baby hair either, so it’s still really dark. Elizabeth’s hair wasn’t really red until she was four months old, so we’ll see on that too.She’s looking at the camera much better here and almost smiling. Abigail sleeps at night for five hours straight most nights, but she often doesn’t start the sleeping until 1 or 2am. It makes it a little hard, but I’m doing pretty good since I’m pretty used to not sleeping much anyway. I sleep after Elizabeth gets home from school some days before (or after) Andy gets home from work.
My mom made these fun pants for Olivia when she was this size. Elizabeth had a matching pair. I love them! She’s still so little, but she’s getting really strong.Enjoying life and all it’s fun times over here.

One response to “Abigail One Month

  1. Mary says:

    She is so alert and always a little bug eyed it seems. Glad she sleeping a bit longer. I don't remember making the pants, but I'm glad they fit.

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