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Taco Bell

on February 26, 2011

We went to Taco Bell for dinner and after the girls finished their tacos, we looked over (they were next to us at a tall table) and Olivia was pulling an awful face and hurrying to get a drink of her water. And then we saw the packet of mild hot sauce in her hand and one in Elizabeth’s hand.
Elizabeth was telling her that it wasn’t very spicy and kept up her eat the hot sauce out of the packet/drink some water routine for a while. The things big sisters do to little sisters…
I made my sister do all sorts of things too…like I’d pretend to be falling off my bed at nighttime (when we should have been sleeping-payback is ROUGH!) and make her rescue me and then she’d do the same and I wouldn’t rescue her and she’d… really fall off (2 feet). Or the time we were having a family reunion at Fishhook park and she walked across the boardwalk thing at the outside of the swimming area and I told her to jump in when I waved and she did and then freaked out and one of my mom’s cousins jumped in to rescue her….you know, normal older sibling stuff, right?

One response to “Taco Bell

  1. Your poor poor little sister!!! Oh wait.. that's me!!!

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