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on March 6, 2011

Saturday we went to Portland to buy a nice new dining room table with matching chairs. We loaded up the Veracruz and hitched up the trailer. We left just before 10am and got home just after 11pm. It was a long day, but we got Andy’s Lego for his birthday at the Lego store, and the table, chairs, dinner, and a few other little things at Ikea. In Oregon they don’t have sales tax and the roads to Seattle are terrible right now, so we opt to save money and drive safer.
Olivia and Vincent sit in the third row of our car. We were glad Vincent was so far back when he cried the whole way home.After our stop at McDonald’s for lunch, Elizabeth wanted the binoculars. They kept her entertained for a while.Vincent at Ikea while he, Abigail, and I waited for Andy and the two older girls to get our dinner. The parking lot was full and the sunset was beautiful.There was quite a bit of waiting at Ikea. I signed the girls up for their playplace. Vincent was too short and not potty-trained so he couldn’t go and Andy took him upstairs while I waited by the tables. It took about a half hour to get them in. Then I went off to find Andy and Vincent and Abigail. When we went to eat in Ikea, I kept Vincent and Abigail entertained while Andy and the older girls got our dinner which took another half hour. As we left to pay, I thought it would be easier to take all the kids except Elizabeth to the car to wait and to feed Abigail, so I left when Andy was the second one in line. I thought it would be pretty quick so I just fed her a bottle after moving the car to a better place. We waited for another half hour because for whatever reason, Andy’s debit card would not go through, which is crazy because we have so much in there from the tax refund we got and payday. Andy called the bank and tried to figure it out for ten minutes and then finally had to buy the table on its own and then the chairs two at a time so it took a while. He’s going to call his bank Monday to figure out why that would happen. It’s not like most people who go to Ikea don’t spend $800. We were there in November and spent a chunk on the bunkbed. We wouldn’t bring cash. I don’t know what we would have done instead or why the bank was being difficult about it. It just doesn’t make sense. He said he always feels like telling the people behind him that he pays his bills and he isn’t a lowlife freeloader when this sort of misunderstanding happens. But we got out of there with the things we wanted.
Abigail was a great traveler and ate when I wanted her to and slept the rest of the trip. I didn’t really want her to sleep, but sleeping is much better than crying (Vincent took care of that enough on the trip.) She was up (and so was I) until 3am. She was blessed Sunday morning at 9am, so when she woke up to eat at 6am by the time I finished feeding her it was time to get ready for church. Yes, you read that right. Three hours of sleep. I did get a little rest in the car on the way to Portland, but not much on the way home because of a certain little boy (who will remain nameless) who screamed pretty much the whole 3 1/2 hours home. He wanted a drink, has a little cold, and needed to sleep badly, so instead of asking for anything, he just yelled and screamed. So frustrating. Abigail slept right through it. Can you tell she’s a fourth child?
A few funny little tidbits about our Saturday:
*As we walked into the McDonald’s for lunch on the way to Portland, some guy coming out called us a herd.
*We drove part of the way on the Washington side of the Columbia River and we were talking about the river and Andy noticed how glassy the water was this time (it’s usually really choppy and people like to windsurf there). We talked about how the Columbia River’s nickname before dams were built was the long narrows and how after dams were built it helped create electricity, helped regulate the flooding, and made it so boats could go through. Elizabeth heard goats instead of boats and didn’t understand for a minute how goats would go in the river.
*As we were driving on bridges around Portland, Olivia said, “I shoulda brought my compass”. She had one attached to her sleeping bag backpack she got for Christmas.
We got home pretty late, but it was a pretty nice trip overall and now Andy has plenty of building to do between his Lego set and the table and eight chairs.
We bought the table with part of our tax refund and the rest is going to pay off the hospital and other doctor bills.
Next post-Abigail’s baby blessing-after my mom sends me the rest of the pictures. =) hint…


3 responses to “Ikea–Again

  1. Sounds like a fun trip. I'm excited to see pictures from the blessing! Don't you love it when cards do that sort of thing? Annoying! I'll bet Vincent at least slept good that night?

  2. Kim says:

    Sounds like you guys had fun! We were also at Washington Square on Saturday, in the afternoon ~ that'd would've been shocking to run into you guys! Next time you come down, let me know ~ it'd be fun to meet up. We could also meet at the zoo. We have a pass and could get at least a couple of you guys in free.

  3. Sara says:

    so much fun… I wished they had one in Spokane… well someday I will get to go to an Ikea!

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