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Andy’s Birthday

on March 9, 2011

Today is Andy’s 38th birthday! He doesn’t care much about birthdays, but we like to celebrate anyway. He was born just after both of his parent’s birthdays so we usually sing to all three of them. They didn’t want candles, so we just sang on Sunday night without them. Here is Andy pretending to blow out the candles that aren’t there.Andy has been busy building our table and chairs the past two evenings. This is the table all put together with the eight chairs. Andy wanted to just buy six, but I wanted eight because I want them to match when we have company over. And we already have six people in our family, so it makes sense to have more than the number of people in our family, right? I love it! The table was $299 and the chairs were each $39.99. Great deal for brand new furniture and it looks pretty nice too.
This is the table with two leaves in it. We will have plenty of room for big dinners now. We have been using placemats for the kids to eat on trying to keep it nice.
Abigail playing under her little mobile toy. Yesterday we took her to the ear, nose, throat doctor and he clipped under her tongue a little because of her tongue-tie. Hopefully she’ll gain weight a little faster now and latch on better. She seems to be fully recovered. They just put a little numbing stuff under her tongue and then clipped it. Hardly any bleeding and she was more mad at being held down than the clip. Tomorrow she gets to go to the regular doctor and we’ll see how big she is now.
I’m busy today making some brownies and dinner and I even made some granola and boiled some eggs today. Busy, busy, like always over here.

2 responses to “Andy’s Birthday

  1. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday to Andy! And glad Abigail is doing well too!

  2. I really like your new table! It looks awesome! Happy Birthday Andy! And, since I'm way behind on reading your blogs- Abigail looks darling in her blessing dress. I'm glad everything went so well. She's a doll!

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