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Singin’ (birthday) in the Rain

on March 11, 2011

Wednesday was a funny weather day here. It was cold and windy part of the day, sunny and mild for the middle portion of the day, and then rainy and breezy after school and in the evening. In the Northwest, we call that Spring. =)
I always want to play tennis at this time of year. Do I? No. Not for way too long now, but I want to. I miss it. I think it’s easier to pretend I used to be a really good tennis player if I avoid playing now though. I’m out of shape and slow now. It’s hard to find someone to play with and even if I did, I don’t know what to do with these four kids.
The girls love any excuse to use their dollar store umbrellas, so they asked me to drop them off at the bottom of the hill down the road (a block) from our house to walk home with their umbrellas.
I like the umbrellas too, but mostly just for cute pictures.
See anything wrong with this picture? Me neither… ;)
Wednesday was Andy’s birthday, so I made some brownies for game night. George and Shirley came over to bring Andy his presents from them, so Elizabeth took pictures.
They gave him a book called “The War” about WWII, a Name Chase game about historical figures, and a new plaid shirt (not pictured).
Here are the brownies with frosting pretending to be birthday cake. I spelled Andy’s name out with 38 candles. Can you read it? It’s a little crowded on that cake.
Abigail went to her regular doctor Thursday (so many doctor appointments!) for a weight check to make sure she’s doing well. She gained 10 ounces in 10 days, so now she’s growing the way the pediatrician wants her to. I hope she keeps it up. She finally passed the eight pound mark. She still fits into all of the newborn clothes, but I guess I’m just getting plenty of good use out of them.
Elizabeth was able to go to a fun Stake Activity Day today after school. It was from 2-8pm. She had a great time with about a hundred (at a glance in the gym) other girls from Richland. They did crafts, learned good things, had sack dinners, and enjoyed being around each other. So, she was at school for five hours and then at Activity Day for six hours. She’s still behaving now. I hope she keeps it up.
New bedtime plan tonight: If they all go to bed without too much fuss, whoever behaves gets to go to a park tomorrow. No fussing=Awesome big park. If they fuss a little, the park won’t be quite as fun and we won’t stay as long. If they fuss too much-No park for that kid.

2 responses to “Singin’ (birthday) in the Rain

  1. I can see the "ANDY" on the brownies posing as cake. :) You know, sometimes you just want brownies, and that's okay. :) You should teach your girls to play tennis! I want to play tennis, too, but I have to admit, I didn't think of it until I read your post since it is pretty rainy here usually, and tennis courts in the rain are not the greatest thing. Oh well. :) Glad your girls like their umbrellas, too!

  2. Kim says:

    I love a good strategy….and you need to always be changing them up too. Hopefully you'll get to visit the big, awesome park!

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