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my day

on March 16, 2011

Note: I’m holding a baby through this and so it’s not written that nicely.
-holding a baby all day (except when I showered, started laundry, and made dinner-she would wake up as soon as I laid her down all day!)
-dishes loaded
-changed all three twin beds
-three older kid’s bath
-two underwear changes for V (both varieties)
-fingers and toys in my scentsy candle warmer
-yogurt on my couch
-scratches on our brand new dining room chair
-V screaming all day-after he woke up at 11:40 that is
-fighting over who did what and tattling
-Toilet paper roll all unrolled on the floor
-not cleaning up
-other things I am not thinking about while I hold this cute sad (today) baby.
-playing outside together for 15 minutes
-drawing placemats together
-I finished Juliet-Great book
-kids and I all slept in
-cookies to eat
-blogs to read-early bedtime for the girls while Andy takes Vincent to father/son hockey
-lucky to have kids at all, even on the really tough days. And I so don’t feel that right now, but I’ll get there.
Updated to add: Whole plate of dinner spilled on the kitchen floor. Stickers all over the carpet. Marker with “Bad Mom” written on the white toy shelf. (I’m pretty sure that means I’m doing my job.)
And Abigail is now peacefully resting in the swing for a few minutes. Maybe I have a minute to go to the bathroom and fold a load of laundry and put it away. Maybe both before she wakes up again. Nope. Awake again. Do newborns not like oranges in their breast milk?
Sorry to be a complainer again. Just HAD to vent and avoid them for a little bit. Maybe Supernanny can come over at bedtime tomorrow??? Or someone else they’re scared of…


One response to “my day

  1. Awesome post! I can so relate! It's good our message writers can express themselves so well. I would take Supernanny any day. :)

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