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Better day

on March 17, 2011

This morning I got ready for the day before taking Elizabeth to school, came home and hung out for an hour, and then took the other three kids to the picture place in Walmart to have Abigail’s pictures taken in her blessing dress. She did great and the kids did pretty well. My mom met me there too.
This shot is my favorite. I should crop out my chin, but you were looking at her anyway.Full dress shot.
A little personality.Then we came home to take care of Abigail and eat some lunch and Vincent had an hour and a half nap and I had an hour nap before going to pick Elizabeth up from school and taking her to dance class. Normally we just drop her off and go home and Andy picks her up, but he helped with baptisms at the Temple with the youth tonight, so I was on my own. I took the younger three to the library and bank and then back to get Elizabeth and watched her class a little. She was having a great time!
Olivia “read” Peter Rabbit to the therapy dogs in the library.Even Vincent paid attention.I got my Winkflash photo book of our trip to Disneyland last April in the mail today. I love it!
Home for leftovers for dinner, playing, books, snack, and bedtime. Andy came in the door just after they laid down. Then the fun really got going. Ugh.
Still bad night. It’s like when we put them in their bed and turn off their light, they think it’s time to play and act like monkeys and rotten kids for a few hours. They are making my wind down time crazy. Even if Abigail is sleeping, I can’t because they are being loud and playing and turning the light on and getting out of bed (mostly Vincent, but the girls are doing it too.) How did adding Vincent in their room make such a mess of bedtime? Even the girls alone last night was rough. I made some chores for them to do on popsicle sticks so anytime they do something they shouldn’t, they get to draw one out of the cup. I thought about adding good ones too, but I don’t want them to be rewarded for being awful. I’ve been telling them that they could go to the park if they behave at bedtime and ended up having to take that away, along with “wrestle time” and dresses and milk (depending on the kid). I even had to take away pillows and blankets and don’t give them back until they are asleep. I’m frustrated with them and wish they’d go to sleep without such a huge fight (and spankings) every single night. I just want peace in my house and they are making me crazy. I can hardly turn off the light and shut the door before Vincent’s out of bed again to turn the light back on and the girls are talking (and it’s not telling him to get back in bed.) Just so you know what it’s like around here at bedtime. Most nights they finally go to sleep about 10:30pm or 11pm before and after daylight savings time. Before bed we read to them, have a healthy snack, brush teeth, and pray. No affect on them.
Anyway, I did have a really good day today and I was optimistic about bedtime. It still didn’t work.
It just makes me feel like an awful parent to have to yell at them to go to sleep.

Suggestions welcome.
You can even come and try to put them to bed.

3 responses to “Better day

  1. Mary says:

    Sorry I dont' have any answers for you. Know that you're not the 1st frustrated mom about bedtime. I remember my friend Ellen coming to help one night, it wasn't pleasant for her either. Removing Vincent worked while they were here.

  2. Alissa says:

    Sorry, I don't have any suggestions – we're dealing with the exact same thing here at our house (but I chalk it up to tax season…). I've finally just let them play and only go in there once in a long while – I find that, for me, I get less worked up that way. Let us know if you find something that works!

  3. shaunie says:

    I have three kids in one room, just like you. Even the genders are the same! The biggest factor for my family in bedtime battles is the time. If it's after 8 pm, I expect a fight and usually get one. If the sleep schedule (naps and morning wake-up times) get thrown off by too much, then bedtime is the first thing to be ruined. So DST can be rough around here, but it usually lasts only for a few days. I highly recommend the "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" book. Some of the tips in there have done wonders for my kids. Seriously, I would have stopped at two kids if not for this book. Anyway, this is what has worked for me.

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