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Week Review

on April 1, 2011

I had Abigail’s pictures taken for her two month milestone last Saturday in the Easter dress that my mom made for Elizabeth when she was a baby. The day before I got Abby to smile enormously, but the photographer didn’t really catch any smiles this time. Here is where you can look at the rest of the pictures if you want to. These ones are my favorite:
Her eyes look a little dark here, but they aren’t. They are bluer than blue!I guess I just like one in the Easter dress. The other two are in the Easter bunny shirt. I brought her own bunny and blanket with us. I don’t like the beat up, gross ones they always have there, especially for a newborn. It’s more special if it’s something of hers.
I love this one, even though my arm is in the picture holding her to make sure she doesn’t slip.
We went to her doctor on Monday and she is now 9 pounds 2 ounces. That’s the weight Elizabeth was when she was born, so at 2 months Abigail is still our runt, but she’s growing and the doctor said that he doesn’t need to see her until she’s four months, so we got the thumbs up that we’re doing something right. The pediatrician also gave us a big bag of free formula bottles (the little premade 2 ounce size). I love that! We also took her in to the ear, nose, and throat doctor this week and he gave her a clean bill of health too. Last month he clipped her little tongue tie in an effort to help her eat better. I think it worked.
This week I had a cold (still do a little) and I was counting down the hours until Andy would be home from work. One day I even had to call him to come home so I could sleep. He did and I slept for three solid hours. It was great! I was wiped out and Abigail wasn’t. I can ignore the other kids for a while, but I can’t just ignore a newborn who is sad and wants to be held. I’m so glad she can take a bottle without freaking out. She actually drinks bottles really well since she has at least a 2 ounce bottle every day to fatten her up a little. =)

I went and got my eyebrows waxed today after picking Olivia up from school and the skinny lady who doesn’t have kids told me that I didn’t look like I had just had a baby. It was so nice, I thought about giving her an even bigger tip! Thought about it, but didn’t because I usually just pay what I plan. The brow waxing there is $10, so I gave her $12, which is a20 percent tip and I think above average. Anyway, she made me feel good about myself, even though I have a long way to go before I don’t look like I just had a baby. I think the trick is to buy good jeans that fit you and fix your hair. If you do that, you’ll feel good, even if you’re tired. Oh, and shower daily. That’s important too.

Tonight (April 1st, not an April Fool’s day joke-I don’t really like those much) Abigail was scooting forward off of her blanket by about a foot in a few minutes while I loaded the dishwasher. I think she might become an early crawler. She was lifting her head off my chest when we were still in the hospital too. Andy walked at eight months, so it wouldn’t be too crazy if she were early. We are going to really have to watch the polly pocket and lego pick up around here once she starts moving a lot!

We had some exciting things happen this week with NaDell’s siblings. Brant and Tina had a baby boy on Sunday and named him Derek Kimball Crowther and Janessa and Jes Goodson had a baby boy Friday and named him Jacob Paul Goodson. We don’t have any April birthdays in our family until now. One anniversary, but no birthdays. There are only two April birthdays even on Andy’s side. The only month left without Crowther birthdays is November. (That’s when we were trying to get Abigail to come =) Abigail will have some fun cousins to play with once we get them all together. They are living too far away right now to see for a little while. We’ll probably see them this summer sometime. Maybe we’ll go on a road trip if they don’t come this way. We like road trips and we’ll have a car top carrier for all of our needed supplies by then.

Andy’s sister Sara and her family moved a few hours away so David can go to school last weekend. It’s been a busy week-mostly for everyone else, at least in the life-changing sort of way.

Wednesday Abigail got to hang out in the vibrating bouncer seat that a friend gave me when Elizabeth was born. I hadn’t put her in it yet because the batteries were dead. The other kids all got to ride in it (that’s what Andy says) when they came home from the hospital, so she is bigger than them here, or at least looks bigger than them.Elizabeth in the special seat. Pre digital camera.Olivia in the bouncy seat.I’m missing that head thing. I’ll have to look for it now. It must be with the other baby things I’m missing, probably in Vincent’s clothes boxes.Vincent in the bouncy seat when he was brand new. Yes, he got to sit in the blue seat with flowers. At least it was blue!I’m noticing that the other three kids all leaned to their right and Abby leans to her left. Do you think that means anything? Probably not, but interesting (to me). Maybe that means she’ll behave better than they do! One can hope.

Finally, our Bishop’s wife won a contest from the Ford company on facebook and she was able to go to Madrid and test drive a new Focus (cool all by itself!) and then they gave her $10,000 for Love without Boundaries, which is a great organization that gives infant formula to orphans in China, and then is loaning her a brand new Focus to drive 10,000 miles in six weeks (they are paying the gas =) She is trying to match the $10,000 donation to Love without Boundaries, so if you can help her, any amount would help. Their family has adopted three daughters from China in the last five or so years and they are all teenagers now to join their already six kids. See if you can help her.

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