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Such a B

on April 8, 2011

How did you think I would end that title? Brat, bossy girl, boy, blessing, boundary pusher (I’m sure that’s the one you were thinking…) I mean- Such a BABY!
(Picture from hospital, although I look about the same. I LOVE those pajamas!)
It’s like Abigail wants us (ie:me) to do everything for her. Feed her, burp her, bathe her, change her, wipe her face, hold her, groom her, keep her warm, protect her from intruders (aka:Vincent), and repeat as necessary. She’s just such a baby!
Good thing she is so dang cute and full of smiles. We love our Abby baby! I get to have extra loving time when the kids go to bed at 9pm until 2am when Abby goes to sleep. I;m super lucky like that. This little girl likes to sleep during the morning when the other kids are busy and I can’t (or I do and feel bad that I’m ignoring them, but do it for sanity-a little.)
You may think I’m rambling here. I totally am. I’m holding a little, sweet, warm, cuddly baby girl who just maybe is asleep finally. At least now I have five-six hours until I’m on call again (normally). And I’m out! Unless of course burping her wakes her up…


One response to “Such a B

  1. Derek gets the hiccups every time I burp him! You're right Abby is cute! Good luck with that baby thing… ;)

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