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Palouse Falls

on April 9, 2011

This morning when we woke up, Andy asked if I thought it would be fun to drive to Palouse Falls. I had to make sure I knew which part of the state it was in before agreeing, since I hadn’t ever been there before. It is about 40 minutes outside of Connell. Of course I’ve been up in that area hundreds of times since my grandparents live there and so do many aunts, uncles, cousins, and I lived there for my first four years of life (strangely, I don’t remember much of that), but I thought it would be fun to go. It was.

We left about 11:30am and got there right about 1pm to eat our picnic after stopping to pick a few things up at the store. We ate and then walked around a little. There was more hiking that we could have done, but the fences didn’t go on that part and we really do like our kids, despite their bad behavior at times, so we avoided the parts they could tumble down the steep ravine into the surging waterfall. I think that was a good decision. That and I was carrying Abigail in the front pack and my back was hurting even though she’s only 10 pounds (or so).
I love these pictures of the back of everyone. Obviously, the girls dress themselves. Olivia has her own bohemian style. =)
It was a beautiful day, especially in the sun, but I couldn’t be in the sun too much with Abby.
Andy with the kids-take seven (or something. I kept making them pose until they all looked with eyes open and as you can see Vincent needed some assistance.)
With me and Abby and the other three kids.
Walking to the edge and back.
Just kidding. There was just a steep climb to look at the Falls from a little higher and the edge seems to disappear. Andy would not have looked so relaxed with Vincent close to a steep ravine that ends with a gushing waterfall at the bottom.

It was a little windy and slightly chilly in the shade where our picnic table was under the pavilion. There were plenty of tables around and the area was well kept. I didn’t see trash all over and there were distinct differences between the grass, gravel, paved, wild, and bark areas. There were even two (or more) rangers there helping people get in to park their cars. It was really busy today because it was the first really nice Saturday of spring and the falls are extra-full with spring runoff.
Finally a good picture of the three kids.We even saw a train going through this deep cutting just before we left.
See how Olivia’s hanging on to her hat? They like trains, just like their daddy.
After we walked around a little and looked at the falls from different viewpoints, we drove over to see my grandparents in Mesa, just outside Connell, about 40 minutes away from Palouse Falls. I slept in the car and missed so much sagebrush and pretty green weeds and farms and wide open spaces. It really is pretty though. The falls in the middle of desolation is amazing to go and see.
Grandma Zora wanted Olivia to read to her a little to show her what she’s learned in kindergarten. Grandma used to be a librarian.
Vincent loves this marble toy and asks for it every time we visit.
Just before leaving grandma and grandpa’s house, the older kids giggled and guffawed like crazy watching grandpa swat some flies.
After we got home, we had about a half hour before our babysitter was coming to watch our crazy kids so we could go to the adult session of stake conference for church. We took Abigail with us. The other three kids got in the shower to clean up for stake conference tomorrow and were out before the babysitter got here and then they ate dinner and watched the new Narnia again with her.
Andy and I enjoyed the session of stake conference. My favorite part was watching Andy get Abby to smile at him. My least favorite part-changing a blowout diaper and outfit in Abby. Good thing we have contingency clothes in the diaper bag. After the meeting, we went to Jack in the box for dinner. Yum. Now ding dishes and laundry and thinking about stake conference tomorrow with the four kids while Andy sings in the stake choir. His cousin Becky is going to sit by me so I won’t really be alone. I could handle it anyway, but it’s nice to have help. =)


4 responses to “Palouse Falls

  1. Kim says:

    Jealous that you live close to family for church help…I've never experienced that :-) Cool pics of a fun hike!

  2. Cali says:

    Hey it's our stake conference this weekend too! The falls look amazing.

  3. Christina says:

    We went to Palouse Falls a while ago, last summer maybe? It was kind of windy when we went too, and chilly- we hiked all the way around to the other side, with both boys in back packs. It was fun. I do remember the roads being a little windey like you said though. Sounds like a fun day! I hope Stake Conference went well. ;)

  4. I've been thinking going to Palouse Falls might be fun. Glad you guys got to see Grandma and Grandpa, too. :) I still ask for the marble thing every time. :) (Just kidding . . . well, kind of.) :)

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