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Singing and Carnival

on April 16, 2011
Olivia’s kindergarten music program was Thursday night. She did a great job. She has so much spunk and personality. They kept the program short at only 30 minutes total, including the five minutes for pictures at the beginning. It was nice. Olivia’s buddy Sebastian is on the left (her right) and a kid from the PM class is on the other side. Two of her primary classmates are in this shot too.

Olivia’s favorite song is Tooty Ta. She asked me to video it. It’s fun and cute. Just watch. The end gets going even better.
Vincent is silly. We took some pictures before the kids came in.Andy was making Abby smile enough that she spit her pacifier out.

He loves to play with her. See that nice lady behind Andy? She’s pretty great too. She watched the three older kids Friday afternoon while I set up the bake sale. I know, right, super nice.

Abigail slept awesome Thursday night. She went to bed before 11pm and didn’t wake up until nearly 8am. It was SUPER nice to have a good night’s sleep.
As expected, we were pretty busy with the bake sale for carnival the end of the week. I started pricing the items on Thursday after school. I planned on starting Thursday morning, but there were only two grocery bags of treats, so we sent out a desperate sounding email and started baking instead. I even begged a little on facebook. My little sister’s best friend growing up made some cupcakes for me. Nice. I made a ton of cookies, some brownies that we sold by the pan, and some rice crispy treats without butter. My Thursday afternoon, we had quite a few things to price. We spent an hour or so doing that. Actually, I bagged some treats and Olivia priced them for me OR I fed Abigail and Olivia priced already bagged treats. Vincent even helped some too. Elizabeth did a little after school one day, but mostly we did it while we waited for school to get out. This picture was taken Thursday after school in her regular dress. She had to have a fancier one for the performance.

Here is our four tables of treats. There are even some under the table in some places. The far end tables have all the cupcakes. I arrange them by price so they can easily know where to go depending on how many tickets they have or how much money they want to spend. The umbrellas at the end are the Italian shaved ice, not us. We were B-U-S-Y. Nearly everything sold. We just had a dozen or so cupcakes left and a bunch of the cookies I made. I guess kids didn’t trust them. They were Rocky Mountain Cookies with oatmeal, rice crispy cereal (sounds weird, but tastes delicious!), m&m’s, and chocolate chips. SO good. The leftovers went to the volunteers who helped clean up after it was over.
Andy drove up to Ellensburg today and got to the school just in time to help these three cute kids go around and play the carnival games. They got some fun little face tattoos too. I hope they wash off well tomorrow night…

Vincent’s tattoo freaked me out when I went in after I got back from helping (a little) with clean up. I had to get laundry started. The baskets were SO full. I figure if I’m up with Abby anyway, I might as well get that done.

Mostly by then, I was just feeding Abigail. The mom of a girl who was in Elizabeth’s kindergarten and first grade classes held Abigail for a few hours during carnival. She really wanted to hold a baby since her sister just had one a few days ago and she can’t go visit her for a while. She loves babies. I even saw her husband making faces at Abby to make her smile. It was great.
Olivia was hanging on to the ladder from the bunkbeds. They must have been pretty tired because they were all asleep when I got home at 9pm.
Next up: Ransom Made design Spring Spectacular and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to rest a little more. =)

2 responses to “Singing and Carnival

  1. Mary says:

    Busy Week + Tired Kiddos it looks like. Hope you can have a day of REST tomorrow!

  2. Diane says:

    Looks like they were worn out from such a fun week! I still laugh when I watch the videos from the program. The girl next to Camden looks so mad and didn't want to participate haha! That was probably me at that age :)

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