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on April 29, 2011
Andy held Abby just before FHE and she fell asleep. Olivia put her glasses on her and I had to have a picture!

Our activity was coloring Easter Eggs and the lesson was talking again about what Easter is all about. (Sure, it’s the day after, but I’m pretty sure that’s a safe topic year-round anyway.)

Olivia getting all ready.

I found these plastic egg holders after Easter a few years ago and they like to use them to put their eggs in to dry. The girls each colored three, Vincent colored one, and I made one. Andy doesn’t like eggs to eat anyway, so he just held Abby some more.
Elizabeth with her first one colored. She took it in her lunch the next day.

I saw this recipe that uses hard boiled eggs in chocolate chip cookies. I wonder what that’s like. They do say that they chop them up very fine and it makes them more moist. Maybe I’ll try it sometime. I’d rather just crack a real egg in. It’s easier, but if you need to use up boiled eggs, there’s an alternative to egg salad sandwiches, cutting it up on a salad, or eating it plain.
Vincent wanted his eggs to be blue. He liked doing this project. He really wanted to use the silly plastic egg cover thing too.

And that big smile makes it totally worth it. Why is it that kids are so entertained by the smallest things? I guess that’s better than not liking anything you do ever. Yea for memories!

One response to “FHE Fun

  1. janaemadsen says:

    nice FHE lesson! I would be wary of the hard boiled egg cookies… did you try them? Maybe I'll try it this week :-)

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