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Kindergarten Special Ladies Day

on May 6, 2011
Olivia’s kindergarten class had a special day for moms this morning. They call it special ladies day so that if their mom can’t come (or isn’t around), they can bring a grandma or aunt or somebody.
I dropped Vincent off at a friend’s house to play for an hour while I went to Olivia’s classroom with Abigail.
They were all dressed in their ladybug outfits with antenna and wings. They always study ladybugs in the spring. This was the same as it was when Elizabeth was in kindergarten, but I don’t remember the songs. I might have missed the songs for hers.

Olivia dresses herself mostly. I just don’t let her wear bright pink and red and that’s about it. There is some turquoise in her skirt and necklace and shorts. She loves all colors of the rainbow. She likes to hold Abby and show her off to her kinderfriends too.

We had a little snack and she showed me the ladybug things she’s been working on. She’s such a fun little girl! One of the little kids at her table didn’t have anyone come to see him, so the teacher’s mom happened to be there (I guess she helps in the class and helps with assessments), so she was his lady friend. He had the biggest tears and saddest face ever. He’s Olivia’s little buddy. She has been at his table almost the whole year. I think she takes him under her wing and helps him listen and obey. She’s kind of a little mommy. The rainbow necklace she’s wearing is what she calls her “teacher necklace”. She wears it when she goes to speech and makes the two boys who walk down the hallway with her listen to her when she wears it. Kids come up with funny stuff. I guess if it makes her feel in charge sometimes, that’s an alright thing.
Me and my middle girl, Olivia.

Are you ready for mother’s day?

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  1. […] morning. I’ve decided that it’s just as cute with a boy as it was with Elizabeth and Olivia. The kids all sang and danced for us with fun ladybug songs and had these adorable ladybug costumes […]

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