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Mother’s Day Weekend

on May 9, 2011
For starters, this weekend was SOOOOO much better than it was last year when I wrote a poem about what a terrible day Mother’s Day was.
Saturday Olivia had a birthday party to go to for one if her classmates and Andy took her, then worked on his mom’s computer, and picked her up again. I took Elizabeth, Vincent, and Abby with me to the library and then a Safe Kids Expo by the hospital. We got there when it was almost over, but we still had time to do most of the stuff. It was super windy, so some of the booths were putting their stuff away early, but we still left with plenty of free coloring books, pencils, stickers, and magnets, as well as a bunch of pamphlets for me to read through about an emergency plan, summer camps, and one about health insurance.
Vincent trying out the fire hose. They were all impressed with his fire truck rescue shirt that he picked for himself that morning.

If you don’t care about our health insurance, skip this paragraph.
I made a call on the health insurance one Monday morning to see if we qualify. It’s the State program, but right now we are paying for private insurance out of Andy’s paycheck because it costs way too much for small businesses to pay for their employee’s insurance (even more than what we currently pay). I’d tell you how much it is, but it’s so high, you’d faint or something. Just know that it’s an outrageous amount of our paycheck and we still have a pretty high deductible. I talked with someone on the phone because the website was not updated at all it showed the nearest doctor in Yakima, which is an hour and a half away and when I asked on the phone, there were 16 just in our town, including our current pediatrician. So, if we do switch over at least we can keep our same doctor. Yea! If we qualify, the most we would have to pay is $60 a month for all four kids. Andy and I would still need our own insurance, but the one for the kids would cover dental and eye care, which we don’t have for them right now. I think that’s a savings of about 90 percent! I told you we pay way too much and every few months, we get a letter that tells us the rates are going up and not covering as much. Lousy. Anyway, having that amount not go towards medical expenses would really help us pay off some debt and fix up this house so maybe one day we can move to a house with more room or build a second bathroom! There are so many uses for it. I’m excited. A half hour phone call to possibly save hundreds a month. Awesome. We still have to figure out how much it will cost for our own health insurance and do a little research. I really don’t want State insurance, but if we qualify, I guess it’s not too bad to take advantage (without really taking advantage) of it.
After the short windy stay at the safe kids expo, we took Vincent over to a friend’s birthday party.

It was a bounce house party and the mom planned for three of her four kids to have their parties on the same day so it would be cheaper. Great idea. The little boys had a fun time and Elizabeth was my helper.
Sunday was Mother’s Day of course and I had some pretty roses that Andy and the kids picked out for me on Friday at the store and the kids gave me cute little things from their classes at school. A clay ladybug from Olivia and a skinny vase from Elizabeth along with little cards and the things they made at the library when I took them last week (those were *super* surprising when I opened them since I was the one who took them to make them.) I really just wanted kids to not be fighting on Mother’s Day and they did pretty good. Andy didn’t have his early meetings at church because the Bishop’s missionary son was calling right then, so he helped get the kids ready. Somehow we were still late to church, but we all got to drive in one car, which was nice. Church was good. They handed out bags of chocolate after Sacrament meeting to the women of the ward. Olivia told me that it was a lot of candy for me and that she would help me eat it if I needed help. Ha!
After church I fed Abby and took a nice long nap. Andy fed her a bottle while I napped longer. I love that she will take a bottle so I can rest. He made some dinner and then we went to Torrie’s house for some birthday cake because it was her birthday on Saturday. Yum.
Her in-laws brought this beanbag game over. It was a lot harder than it looks, but there are two wooden targets propped up and four big beanbags to try to throw into the hole from 50 feet away. Our kids liked running around their backyard. It was a nice night to be outside, even though it was a little chilly.
Elizabeth and Olivia cheering Torrie on.

Elizabeth trying to pick Torrie up. She could and did pick her up like a piggy back ride, but she couldn’t hold her for long. It was a bit obnoxious. Sorry Torrie. She was a good sport. Elizabeth is pretty strong for an eight year old girl.It was a pretty nice weekend. Now back to the regular daily stuff. The weather is nice and cool and I’ve been trying to get some gardening stuff done slowly. It’s planted now. We’ll see what grows and if I can keep up with the weeds.


2 responses to “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Cali says:

    Good luck with the health insurance! I'm glad you found something that is so much better. Health insurance premiums are ridiculous!

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