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Boy’s/Girl’s Night

on May 22, 2011

Friday night was the annual ward father-son campout and Andy took Vincent for his third time, so the girls and I were able to have a fun night too. The girls have been looking forward to using their sleeping bags like Vincent did on his campout and they decided to sleep in a fort in the house too. I told them that they couldn’t build the fort until after the boys left, so when Andy got home, they were in a huge rush to get them all packed up and out the door.

Andy decided he didn’t want to set up our big tent, so he took two tarps and some straps to make his own little fort. He also took our air mattress that every time we use it we say we are going to patch the holes so we don’t end up on the ground in the morning. They had a fun time and Andy reported that this year he didn’t even have to tie Vincent to a tree to keep track of him. He had to tie him to a tree last year so he could set up the tent without Vincent running off and the year before Vincent hung out in the stroller most of the time. The year before that Vincent was just 3 1/2 months old so he was too little to go.
Vincent had fun too. How could he not? He loves being outside and Andy said he went to sleep pretty well too. Vincent by the “tent”.
After the boys left, the girls and I went to the fabric store for some crafting supplies for another time and to Sonic for dinner and then came home to watch Cheaper By the Dozen 1 & 2 and do some crafting. Our crafting is a secret for another month or so. It was fun to hang out with my girls. The girls built a fort for our movie watching and then I built them a fort in the living room where they slept for the night. I think by the time I took this picture, their fort had fallen. Abby was hanging out with them too while I cleaned up the craftiness. They are eating fruity licorice.
Here’s the fort I built in the living room. They told me it was perfect.
Olivia lasted a few hours and then woke up and moved to her bed with her sleeping bag. I was still up crafting and taking care of Abby.What a fun night we had!

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