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Cheney Road Trip

on May 22, 2011

We put a trip to Cheney/Spokane on our calendar a few weeks ago because it was the only open Saturday this month and then we found out about the father-son campout and decided to go anyway after Andy and Vincent got home. We wanted to go and visit Andy’s sister Sara and her family since they moved up there a few months ago and we wanted to go to Riverfront park up there that has a huge wagon slide and see the pretty river runs through the park, so we did.

Before I start my review, let me say here that right after church Andy checked my blog here to see if I had written about our trip yesterday. Sometimes I do, I guess, but he was all disappointed that I hadn’t done it yet. The pictures were uploaded though. Someone’s used to me being quicker I guess. Instead after we got home and the kids took a shower (bath for Abby) and Andy read to them and went to bed, I put away the rest of the camping gear and food stuff and things we took on our trip, reloaded the diaper bag, took care of Abby, started the laundry, loaded the dishwasher, finished some of my fun scissors to sell to a friend who wants to give them to her kids’ teachers, and worked on a cross-stitch. Yeah, I went to bed very early this morning. But I’m blogging now.

We drove on some backroads to get up there because Andy likes to drive and see new places. There were a few places where the sign “pavement ends” were seen. The roads beyond that weren’t too bad though. We’ve seen worse (and those were when I was pregnant with Olivia in the summertime and in our Jeep.) We made it to Cheney about 1:30pm and then fed Abby, looked around Sara’s place, and then drove over to Spokane with cousin Sami in our car for fun.

They were setting up for a parade by where we were parking and it was crazy with their one-way roads and people walking all over the place, and we finally just parked in a place we had to pay a bit, but that’s the way it goes in these towns with parking you have to pay for. Sara and David parked on the opposite side of the park for cheaper. I love that we don’t have to do that here! A lady asked me if all five kids were mine. The weather was perfect and we didn’t even need jackets. The kids loved the slide. My battery was dying because it didn’t charge fully before we left, so I didn’t take a ton of pictures. I was lucky to get what I have. This picture is just about perfect with all three of my older kids in the picture.

Andy held Abby in the shade. She was a great baby on our trip. Elizabeth helped her be happy and if she was hungry, Elizabeth fed her a bottle in the car (still strapped in her carseat).

Olivia and Sami at the top of the slide. Sami was catching some air in this picture.

This is by the calmer part of the falls. There was so much water! Sami and Daphne are the extra girls in the picture. Andy didn’t trust Elizabeth to hold Abby with that low wall just over the river. Do you blame him? (Andy says: I barely trusted myself. I was afraid I’d trip or something and drop her over the side.)

Major water gushing all over. Vincent is sad because I had to keep pulling him back from the quasifence that was on the bridge. His whole head fit through!
Partway over this bridge, a girl was standing next to the railing completely soaked. We soon discovered that it was more than just mist as we walked further on and a pocket of water splashed us too. Elizabeth and Andy walked back across for fun because Elizabeth didn’t get splashed enough.

It was a beautiful day. We also went to a store and out to dinner with Sara, David, Sami, and Daphne. It was great to see them.

On the way home (we drive the fast way home) we asked the girls what their favorite part of the day was. They liked the kittens they pet at the park and finishing “Little House in the Big Woods” best. Really? We could have done those things closer to home. Weird kids.

2 responses to “Cheney Road Trip

  1. Carrie says:

    Hey, cool! We were in Spokane this weekend, too. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Sara says:

    quasifence that his whole head could fit through! NaDell you crack me up… that is totally something Andy would say! It's so true… when will kids every understand that we are here to protect them, not spoil there fun! Thanks for coming to visit us… I am sad that the girls favorite parts were the cats and the book… oh well! The sure seemed to have a good time!

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