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Nearly four months

on May 22, 2011
Abigail will be four months old this week. I had to get her picture taken in this cute outfit that Uncle Doug and Aunt Suzie gave to Olivia when she was born. It is a size three months and still fits, but it won’t fit for long! She’s a little girl. I think I’m almost done putting away newborn clothes that don’t fit her now. The longer she wears the clothes, the more chances I have to take her picture in them. She’ll get to all the other clothes eventually. =) She is growing, just slower than Elizabeth did, but Elizabeth started out bigger than newborn size.
One of my friends made this headband for Abby. Another friend made the quilt she’s laying on.

She was yawning in this picture.

My former visiting teaching partner made these puffy booties when Olivia was born. They match the orangy peach color in the dress better than in the picture. She likes to stick her fingers in her mouth a lot these days.

I love her! She is so wiggly and cuddly and happy. She is still spitting up some, but we are used to protecting ourselves from that. I’ll find out in a few days how much she’s grown. No teeth yet, but I know they are coming.

One response to “Nearly four months

  1. Torrie says:

    She is so adorable!!! I love her big blue eyes:)

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