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Memorial Day 2011

on May 31, 2011

Andy here:

Monday, of course, was Memorial Day, and that usually means going to my folks’ house in the mountains. Here’s me, my dad, my mom, and Elizabeth. Also pictured are three of the main things we do up here: pop, food, and guns.There were quite a few people up there. My friend Nathan’s mom and dad, who live in Shelley, Idaho, were in town for a few days, and they came up. Uncle Scooter came up. He spends most of the time tied up because he’s a naughty little dog and if he got loose, he wouldn’t come back, and eventually a cougar or a coyote would eat him. He’s not totally safe being tied up either. Last year a deer came by and tried to stomp on him. Aunt Nancy came up the mountain. Her son Kurt came too. We can’t decide if that’s Kurt’s foot there.

This was Abigail’s first time up here. She had a pretty good time.
My sister Sara, and her family came up. Here she is with Daphne. (Sorry Sara. Andy picked out the pictures.)
Here’s Sara’s other daughter, Sami, with my mommy.

Reason #3 that digital cameras are awesome: you can send a five-year-old out to take pictures, and she can take as many pictures as she wants, and if 90% of them stink, so what? Olivia took about twenty pictures of Scooter, and one or two funny ones like this.
See those nice bangs? Then Sunday she got gum stuck in her hair.

We assume Olivia also took this picture of Elizabeth.

I brought up my .22 pistol, and a box of bullets, but I forgot to bring ear-plugs, so instead we shot BB guns. Here I am setting up some targets. I managed to hit my share of the cans. Elizabeth got a few (she said she got five good shots), so she’s doing pretty good at being a novice marksman.

Here’s Vincent about to take the 4-wheeler out for a spin. Don’t worry, it was the small 4-wheeler. Just kidding, we won’t let him drive the 4-wheeler until he’s at least five. He did take a few spins in the trailer. Apparently, he was enjoying having his face right by the exhaust. I’ve never heard of anyone being killed by carbon monoxide while they were outside, so he’ll probably be OK.

I doubt that any of those guys who stormed Omaha Beach, or climbed Mt. Suribachi, did it so a guy could take a day off, and shoot pop cans while wearing a tie-dyed American flag T-shirt, but they did it for freedom, and we’re grateful.

I don’t know if Vincent was just making a face, or if he was ‘funned’ out by the time this picture was taken.

Anyway, we all had a good time up at the mountain, and got home safe and sound.

3 responses to “Memorial Day 2011

  1. Sounds like a really fun place! It's always nice to spend time with lot's of family! I like Uncle Scooter's name! :)

  2. Sara says:

    Andy… so dad heard them right they are from Shelly not Chili… sorry you might not remeber that trip where dad was so confused but it made me laugh….Loving the last face of Vincent and I have several pictures of Nathan in his Tye Dyed flag shirt…. he cracks me up!

  3. NaDell says:

    Dad: "wow! You came here all the way from Chile?"Mexican guy: "no, Shelley, down there by Blackfoot."I stopped making fun of dad about that a long time ago, at least to his face.

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