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on June 1, 2011

I made these yummy peanut butter cup cookies for our weekend celebrations. They were good enough that I think Andy even ate two of them (he’s not a big sweets eater at all! I more than make up for it.) Recipe is on my food blog that I am terrible at updating. I’ll be better soon. I’ll have to try out some new recipes instead of just our usual fast meals I’ve been relying on lately (for some reason…it’s like I have a new baby or something….)This weekend a friend of mine offered a free desk and after waiting a day or so, I checked and she still had it, so I sent Andy over after work on Tuesday to pick it up with our trailer. It is solid wood and nice. There are dings and paint (I’m thinking fingernail polish) on it already, but not enough to make it worth redoing. Our kids would just mess it up immediately anyway. I put it by the wall in my kitchen where I’ve been wanting some drawers. I think I’m going to take the bottom big drawers for towels and tableclothes and let the girls have the other drawers for all of their art supplies. I may even end up with my computer here. I’d like it to be there, I think. Maybe after Abby is big enough to not mess with it (and since she doesn’t really move much now, it will be awhile.) Isn’t it pretty? There is a stool that is piano bench size that goes with it that I need to sand the top, but it doesn’t really fit into the space, so I need to find a little stool for the kids to sit on while they color there or something.

Today I had a surprise package on my doorstep after picking Olivia up from kindergarten. It was this set of Expo Washable Markers and dry erase boards and erasers from House Party.I am having a party at my house on June 14th at 1pm and I have 15 sets of these to give away to friends who come and try out this new Expo product with me. It includes the two packages of their new washable dry erase markers, the double sided dry erase board, and the eraser. It’s not a party to sell or buy anything, although I’m sure Expo would love it if we did go out and buy tons of their product, but just one to get to know the fun product. If you want to come, email me and let me know. I still have some spots to fill.

Here’s some information on my big white board that they sent just for me. =) Olivia enjoyed trying them out after kindergarten. She has already requested this hairdo for her birthday party in August and was trying to plan out her outfit too. Meanwhile, yesterday Elizabeth asked me about Halloween costumes. I’m making her wait until school starts.
It’s JUNE now! I love June. Always have.

My birthday is in June. Enough said.

Andy and I got married in June (on my birthday) ten years ago.

I’ve been pregnant in June all four times, although three times it was still a secret from everyone else. Olivia was born in August, so it really wasn’t much of a secret. We still went camping that year (real camping in a tent away from real toilets, but with an outhouse).

I’m excited for summer to begin and for the girls to wrap up their school years. They love school.

I’m getting a little tired of driving over there all the time though. It will be nice to have a break from that, but I think they are just going to be hungry all the time at home and bugging me to have friends over all summer. I used to collect extra school papers from my teachers at school to teach my younger siblings how to do them when we played school. I was the (bossy) teacher, of course. I’m sure my mom just loved all those extra papers coming into the house. With five or six kids in school, I’m sure there wasn’t enough stuff to go through. My kids don’t get very attached to most school papers. In fact, last year Elizabeth tried throwing her papers away before she even left the classroom because she knew that after I look at them, I throw them out unless they really want to keep them in their box. When the box gets too full, they have to throw away some of their papers on their own. I think it’s good for kids to get rid of some of their own things. Otherwise, we are going to have a lot more shows like Hoarders in another ten years.

4 responses to “Cookies+Desk+Markers

  1. Jemmett Clan says:

    I went camping in July when I was pregnant with Emily. Tents and all (I had her in August). I did request Trent by an airmattress or I wouldn't have slept at all!! Those muffin/cookies look A-Mazing!!

  2. NaDell says:

    We did have an air mattress. For sure!

  3. Mary says:

    Cute desk, and the papers…I think I still have a few here,many years after the fact. I resemble your remark about "hoarders"- dear Daughter. Glad you made your Birthday so Memorable 10 years ago!

  4. Lisa says:

    That desk is adorable (I love white furniture!)And a house party all about dry erase markers – fun!

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