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Sunday Best

on June 5, 2011

We usually stay in church clothes all day on Sunday because Andy doesn’t like to change and the kids don’t care that much. I will change into pants sometimes though. Anyway, after our naps today (me, Abby, and Vincent), I had to get some pictures of our Sunday.
Elizabeth is a fun girl. She makes us laugh. Today I was dropping some papers off in primary and got to listen to her answer some questions. So sweet. I wasn’t expecting this face from her when I took this picture.

Olivia put her own pigtails in last night and I fixed them up this morning. She always knows just what she wants. I had to trim her bangs from her little scissor trouble too. Good thing we were ready early. Amazing!Vincent is a character. He needs a haircut badly. I’d like to say that most of the hair in this picture is shadow, but it’s not. He has so much hair! He’s pretty fun too. Abby is big enough to wear the fun watermelon dress now. Andy’s parents gave it to Elizabeth when she was little. Abby’s not sitting up here. I’m holding her arm. Here’s our scrapbook pages of Elizabeth in the watermelon dress that I scanned in the last week.
I also took a few videos of Vincent before church singing the new songs he’s learned in nursery. He sings them all the time for the past few weeks. One’s about a frog and the other one is about a duck.

Don’t mind the coughing at the end. He always sounds like that. I think he has allergies.
And one of Abby playing. I was trying to get her to roll over on camera.

Didn’t work, but I think she’s pretty cute anyway.
Hope you had a great Sunday too!


One response to “Sunday Best

  1. Jackie says:

    your kiddos are getting so big! Aren't Sundays the best?! Dave and I will be vacationing with Carol and Roger and Eian here in Minnesota and will also be going to Nauvoo, IL. I'm super excited, I think more excited than Dave, to see his parents. Hopefully we'll be able to make a trip back to WA.

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