Ransom Family

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Dual Celebration

on June 20, 2011

I made a yummy chocolate cake Saturday night. It turned out pretty well. It was delicious for sure, but I’m too impatient to wait until the cake cools all the way to start frosting, especially when Abigail is sleeping, so the frosting was kind of melting off. Once it cooled better, I used a knife and moved it back to where it needed to be. I should probably get some cake pans instead of pie pans at some point too so they fit together better, but it was good anyway. We had it Sunday night at the Ransom’s for Father’s Day and my birthday. It was my birthday cake and so I wanted the best. I picked out my (new) favorite and Andy’s favorite kind of ice cream to go with it. Andy’s parent’s have been remodeling their kitchen for the last six weeks. You get a little peek of it back there.

I decided that I didn’t want to light all 29 candles, so I put two on one side and nine on the other in the shape of a nine. I blew them all out though. Do you want some? We only ate half of it. I really don’t need to eat the rest. If you live close, come by for a piece Monday or Tuesday! Elizabeth was on camera duty. See cute Abby?And Becky (Andy’s cousin) was helping control Vincent. She misses her little brothers. He reminds her of them. They actually both ate their cake like this with him on her lap. She is daring! Olivia enjoying her ice cream. She doesn’t like chocolate. (I know, what?!) I showed her the cake and she was all sad that it was chocolate until I told her that we had some non chocolate ice cream. Andy dished up the ice cream. Dishing up the cake. You might think this picture looks artsy, but I know that an eight year old took it and the camera just shifted. =) Here is what father’s day is all about: Playing with your kid(s). I think they are ‘rig-a-jig’ging. We are so blessed to have so many examples of good parents around us! We had a nice time with my parents last Sunday night, but failed to take any pictures, so you’ll just have to trust me. =)


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