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on June 26, 2011

This will be long, but it’s mostly pictures. I had a very hard time choosing with more than 100 pictures taken (and those were just the good ones!) to pick from. We had a fun time! My pasttime was feeding Abby and taking pictures, sometimes both at the same time.
Andy’s parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary Saturday, June 25th, so all of Andy’s sisters were in town with their families. His sister from Utah has six cute kids and her oldest, Blake, turned 15 on Saturday too. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them and chat with their kids, as well as see everybody else. Wednesday night we went over and Cindy met Abby and we hung out and ate. (This is a theme for the whole weekend-chatting and eating.) And now you know why I disappeared all week.
Abby meeting Aunt Cindy.Thursday after I fed Abby at 7am, she went back to sleep and I didn’t wake up until 11am! The older three were hanging out and enjoying an unscheduled summer morning and not bothering me. It was fabulous! I made some cookies and then we met up with the girls and kids at a splash park. Unfortunately, it was a little too cold with the breeze and even I almost needed a jacket, so we didn’t stay too long.
We had Brooke in our van, but went home quick to get the camera battery charger (and my bundt cake pan for Cindy) and Andy had just gotten home, so we switched to just one car and headed back over for dinner. Commence more talking and eating and playing for the kids until late.
Vincent, Dylan, and Elizabeth at the splash park.Cindy and Brooke. When I first met them, Brooke was not quite one. Boy, how things change in ten years! She’s just as adorable as she was then. All the cousins who came to the splash park. Blake decided that almost 15 is too old and Jane was still napping.
Olivia and Vincent playing on the trampoline. I know, I know, now you’re saying that we need a trampoline, but see if we had it here, they wouldn’t like it as much. We like things to be a novelty other places, like fruit snacks. They are only a special treat if you don’t get them every day.
Elizabeth with her ‘bow’ and invisible arrow. No one can tell her she has no imagination! Jack is almost a year older than Elizabeth. Torrie brought the Cornhole game. The beanbags are full of corn kernels and you try to get the ‘corn’ into the hole in the board. Most of the kids really liked this game.
Olivia watching the festivities. Torrie holding Daphne who’s holding the funky horse decoration and trying to eat it. Uncle Brad joined the cousins on the trampoline. Vincent is standing there trying to kick them all off so he can jump alone. They all jump too high for him (or low depending on your perspective!) Vincent finishing off everyone’s brownies and ice cream. His aunts all thought he’d be sick, but our kids are always conditioned to eat sugar and it really has no affect on them. The kids all went right to sleep! Friday we met for lunch at a playplace and then hung out until Cindy’s kids watched all the grandkids except Abby while the grown-ups went our to eat. The kids had a fun time and no one got hurt. More visiting, but we had all eaten plenty at the Mexican restaurant. We took a group picture there, but that’s not on my camera.
After the playplace, the kids wanted to go to the park and play there. I handed off my camera for most of the time.Kate and Brooke up in the tree. Elizabeth wanted to be like them, but she doesn’t like to be up high.

My cute kids on the trampoline. Vincent pretty much stayed there the whole time.
Abby sleeping ‘like a baby’. She was so good! Elizabeth and her two older girl cousins. Right before this picture, I said that I wanted a picture with the girls and she was all sad because she didn’t think she was included in it. Daphne is an Uno genius! She’s really sneaky, but so adorable!Saturday we took a break from all the excitement (work-setting up for the party that evening) most of the day because Andy had to mow the lawn and snake our drains-regular maintenance-and I took Vincent to a birthday party to go to for two of his nursery friends and then dropped he and sleeping Abby at home with Andy and the cartoon-watching, Mario Kart-playing girls and went grocery shopping because we are camping this week and wouldn’t have time before we leave to go. I prepared just about as much as I can to get ready, but we still have to get everything contained and together and then into our trailer to leave for the campsite in the morning for the Ransom Reunion (Andy’s dad’s siblings). It’s supposed to be rainy down there above Bonneville Dam in Oregon, but hopefully it’s not unbearable or we’ll have to move our fun up to Andy’s parent’s place an hour away. Rain + tents + kids = soggy mess, I’m sure.
Anyway, back to Saturday-we got to his parent’s house for the party and had a fun time visiting and eating and Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Paul came as well as two of Shirley’s sisters and some friends. David, who had been working, came up for Saturday to be with everybody. Blake blew out his birthday candles and we ate cake for the 40th wedding anniversary too. We presented a scrapbook to them of pages each of us (mostly Sara, but I had a ton too) created of times we spent up at the property and Suzie found some pictures from their wedding and first part of their marriage to frame and present to them too. We took a TON of family pictures.

Vincent at the birthday party for his friends.George and Shirley with their cake. Blake lighting his own candles on a yummy lemon cake while everyone watches him.
Baby Abby was a hit with the cousins. Elizabeth was protecting her here. George and Shirley with all of their kids. Everyone has a traditional sitting on a kid picture, right? No, oh…Poor Jack. Brad joined the Jeffrey family in their straddle pose. Just after this picture they all jumped up, except Max and Jane on the end. They kind of got shoved off. Oops. All the grandkids. This was one of the last pictures taken that night, which should explain a lot, but it was the best one I had. How could it not be fun when they come to visit??? Baby Jane (Cindy’s sixth child) helping Vincent out. We wish he’d quiet down once in a while too. Just before this he was crying because they couldn’t figure out how to share this little bench and I told him to wipe his tears from his face and she did it for him. She’s so cute!The ninjas. Kate started this trend with the green stremers (I think since they called her ninja one-it might have been Torrie since they named her 00-Ninja). The kids had a fun time taping streamers on each other to be ninjas.Ninja Olivia. She had to take a bathroom break and came back with her flower all strategically placed. Grandma Shirley gave the kids these necklaces to make (different ones to choose from) to keep them busy during dinner prep.Mainly we just enjoyed being together. We love hanging out with our families. Next weekend, my side.

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