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Fun with Cousins

on July 3, 2011

My two brothers came to visit this weekend. I have two other brothers in town and my parents, but we were missing my sister who lives in Arizona now and is coming to visit next month.

Brant and Tina stopped at our house so Tina could make her fruit pizza flag treat and let her boys and little brother play a little while.
Here’s Abby with her cousin Derek. He’s two months younger, but they’re pretty close to the same size.
Joe and Kori invited everybody to their place to eat and play. It was perfect weather and the kids had a great time. My aunt and uncle came too and so did one of my cousins with his family.
Vincent claimed the wading pool for most of the time.
The kids loved this big water toy. (I think this is the only picture I have of Elizabeth…oops.)
Olivia enjoyed this water slide.
Brant with two of his three boys and Jeff and half of Joe.
Kori made this yummy ‘Colby’-safe cupcakes. Olivia liked the decoration and wants to keep it for her birthday cake. We’ll see about that.
My sweet dad holding Abby. Several people held her, but this was the only picture I took…
Every post needs a silly Vincent picture, doesn’t it?
My Army brother Jeff. He drove from Missouri to Washington in a little more than two days.
It was nice to watch the cousins have fun together and to visit. Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!

2 responses to “Fun with Cousins

  1. Kim says:

    Looks fun! Are you reunioned out yet? Hope you had a happy 4th!

  2. Sara says:

    that slide thing is awesome? If it's your brothers… ask him sometime if we can borrow it lets say for the Mc reunion…

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