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Independence Day

on July 5, 2011

We spent the Fourth of July having fun with friends and family. It was a whole day of fun.
Our ward breakfast was first and SO yummy. It’s one of my favorite activities our ward has. I met a lady who’s new in our ward and has a baby boy one day older than Abby and a few nice ladies held Abby while I ate and several young women made faces at her and kept her happy, along with repeatedly telling me how cute she is. Our other kids ran around with the rest of the primary kids having fun.

I picked out clothes for everybody to wear the night before so they’d all be decked out in red, white, and blue.

Had to have a picture of Abby on her first Fourth of July.

We stopped by home to pick up food for the picnic with my dad’s side of the family at a park in Mesa. 16 of 25 grandkids (including me) were there. Three grandsons are out of the country (two on missions and one building water systems for a small town in Ghana) and the other six grandkids live too far away to come for a day or were working. It was great to see my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa. One of my dad’s cousins came with his family too and they are moving into Andy’s parent’s ward next week. Our world is so small here!
Tina’s brother Aaron and Elizabeth like to play together.

He was a little under the weather, but hid it pretty well at the beginning. Poor kid, sick on vacation! They were both talked about a lot when Brant and Tina were dating and engaged because they both like Star Wars, Legos, and boy things, so they kind of liked each other before they even met.
The kids were so dirty, but they all ran around having fun.

All the great-grandkids who were there with Grandma Zora and Grandpa Gordon. Only six great-grandkids are missing here. How many are there? I don’t know. A lot.

Grandma and Grandpa both bore their testimonies to us before we ate and grandpa said something about the two of them being the instigators to all of us there. It was great to hear from them about what they believe too. I have super sweet grandparents. Abby was in the middle of eating and was pretty sad for the picture. Elizabeth was holding her during the big group picture and Grandma even tried to hold her for a minute, but she was really upset, hence the pacifier in the picture.
Everybody who was there in our family.
The weather was pretty comfortable. Even nice enough to nap in the shade.

My mom took some pictures with her camera and so did my aunt. My rechargeable battery was dead. It’s worn out. A new one is coming in the mail, but it’s not here yet!Tina brought some fun crafty things for the kids. She (and my cousin’s wife Kari) painted faces and made these little noise-makers with the kids and they had a little parade around the pavilion throwing candy to us. They had a good time doing that.
Cousin Lydia with Elizabeth and Olivia in the parade.

Vincent in the parade. He has a spider on one cheek and a firework painted on the other.After that party, we came home so I could make some dinner for the missionaries. I put the lasagna together and put it in the fridge so I could cook it an hour later and took a nap because Abby was finally ready for a nap when Vincent woke up. I woke up just before they got here. I forgot that they eat from 5-6 and not at 6pm like we do, so I whipped up some tacos instead. Now we have dinners all set for a few days.We had a game night on the Fourth too because we like to play games and don’t care much for the crowds of a park to watch fireworks. I did take the kids out to the front yard to look at our neighborhood fireworks and that was enough for us. It’s just not worth it for us to spend money on them when they aren’t as cool as the ones my brothers used to light off in Burbank. The fireworks were pretty to see and I enjoyed thinking about our country today too.

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