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fun and games

on July 6, 2011

Wednesday morning I took the kids to a free summer movie at a local movie theater to watch The Karate Kid (the new one with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith). We met a few friends there who watched it with us. A few other friends were going to the other movie that was playing at the same time. I think I knew at least six people (not including kids) there. It was fun even though you can’t really visit while you are in the movie theater with a bunch of kids. It’s just nicer for bathroom breaks if needed or if babies get fussy. My kids did awesome and didn’t have to go out at all during the movie. Vincent stayed dry and everything. Abby sat on my lap and I had the girls on one side and Vincent on the other. The movie was longer than two hours and by the time we got home and I started making lunch we had been gone for nearly four hours. That kind of made the day pass quickly!

Olivia and Elizabeth waiting for the movie to start. (Just a reminder: My kids all dress themselves most days.)
Vincent enjoyed the movie. He had a little booster to sit in and kept pointing out the bad guys in the movie. The blond girl next to him is the daughter of a lady who used to be in our ward. She had some popcorn that Vincent kept snagging. I kept telling him to stop, but she was really awesome about it and nice to him.

I’m glad he behaved alright because Thursday night Andy’s taking him to see Cars 2 in the same theater. We got free tickets when we bought Cars and Incredibles on Bluray. Since I took the girls to Tangled, they get to have a boy movie night too.
Abby mostly just sat on my lap and wiggled around slobbering on me. She didn’t really cry. I think her hair might just be turning red on top now. I’m not sure though. Maybe tinted red. We’ll see…
Soon after we got home, my little brother, Jeff came to hang out with us. It was his 26th birthday too. He hasn’t been home for a long time, so he had a lot of time to take off and visit all of us up here. One brother took him out for lunch and my mom won a cake for him on a local country station that she always calls our birthdays into. She also won a cake for my nephew last week and Vincent has won for two of his three birthdays. Elizabeth won on her first birthday. My mom is really good at winning free cakes. So Jeff went and picked up his cake and brought it over for our game night. He was here much of the afternoon, so the girls and I played Mario Party on the Wii with him. It was fun. I won even holding a wiggly Abby and feeding her part of the time. =) Elizabeth and Olivia have been playing Mario Party and Mario Kart for the last few weeks and are getting pretty good.

Olivia lost her very first tooth right after Jeff came over this afternoon. She was hoping to keep it in there until her birthday (in a month and a half) and lose it that day, but it just came right out today. It’s been wiggly since the end of May. That girl has patience and determination! She was all excited to put the tooth in her special tooth fairy pillow and is anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy in the morning.Jeff stayed for dinner and then game night. A friend of mine was in town from Pittsburgh and came to visit with her boys at game night too, so we had a good crowd to eat the cake.
Look at Olivia on the top right of this picture. She really gets into the games!

Getting Powergrid started. Our buddy Robie always plays a game on his phone while we play board games.
Nathan and Rayleen with Abby. Rayleen’s husband Mike is still in Pittsburgh going to school to be a dentist, but she came for a week to go to a family reunion and her boys get to stay and visit with their grandparents for a few weeks too. I got out some pictures of her son Kevin and Elizabeth when they were babies (Kevin’s a month younger than Elizabeth) and even looked at a few from our high school and singles branch days. Fun memories.
I made Jeff blow out 26 candles on his cake even though he didn’t want to. We don’t see him very often and it’s fun to hang out with him.Look at all that smoke!

Thanks for being a good sport, Jeff! I hope you had a happy birthday!
Oh, by the way, my mom is in a quilting challenge sponsored by McCall’s and is trying to be the Design Star. She already moved up in the competition that started with 93 entrants that is now at 20 entrants and I would LOVE it if you could vote for her. Hers is the only pastel quilt and they don’t show voting results on the page. You can vote daily (or more than daily if you use multiple computers) and you don’t have to give your email or anything else. Just vote, please.
Here is her quilt. The winner (after two more rounds of challenges) wins a feature article in the McCall’s quilting magazine, a big sewing cabinet, and a fancy sewing machine with embroidery. She works really hard on her quilting hobby and the quilts are beautiful too! Vote!

One response to “fun and games

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for entertaining your Brother and for putting the candles on the cake I won for him. Cute pictures at the Movies, too.The Plug for my quilt at the end was un-expected in this post. Thanks for helping get out the Vote!

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