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Cars, Sprinklers, and more

on July 8, 2011

So I got tickets Wednesday for Andy and Vincent to see Cars 2 on Thursday night using the two free tickets that came in our new Cars and Incredibles Bluray disks. At the beginning of dinner an hour before the show, we told Vincent that he couldn’t go unless he finished his dinner in time and set the timer for 20 minutes. He has a history of not eating his dinner and minutes later telling us he’s hungry or just taking forever to eat his food. Like usual, he sat there not eating his food for the first 15 minutes and finally tried and finished half of it with five minutes left, but he refused to eat the other half. (You may be thinking he was full or that we gave him too much. Neither of those are true. He had about 8 bites total on his plate. And he was hungry. He’s just stubborn.) Meanwhile we told the girls that they would go if Vincent didn’t finish so they could get ready. I did my best to try to get him to eat to no avail, so Andy left with the girls. I, personally, was looking forward to a girls night and sending the boys out, but it was not to be.

About ten minutes after they left, Vincent finished his dinner and went to our front window convinced that “daddy is coming back to pick me up”.

Nope. Tough luck. It was almost time for the movie to start by then. He sure was cute looking out hopeful though. He really only finished so he could have a cup of milk. I turned on the first Cars for him to watch. It’s a pain to have to stick by what you say you’ll do when/if they do something, but even though just one of us said it first, we have to back each other up and parent together. Maybe he’ll believe us next time we make this kind of deal. He IS 3 and (almost) a half.
While we were camping last week, he sat next to his sloppy joe (he called it a burger) for a while before he decided he’d rather go to the tent. I checked on him in the tent a few times and he was just laying there in his sleeping bag not sleeping. An hour (Yes I said an hour!) later I asked him if he wanted to get up and eat it (it was covered and in the shade) and he finally got up and tried it and liked it. What a stinker!
Anyway the girls and Andy enjoyed the new Cars. The girls favorite part is in the previews when Mater goes in the girl’s bathroom. Figures. Andy said it was pretty funny.
Friday morning I got going sort of early and cleaned the carpets in our three bedrooms. I cleaned the living room carpet a few weeks ago, but hadn’t really had time for the rest of the house and they needed to get done, so it was the day for it. Now I just need to do the family room and I can super duper clean the machine and take it back to my mother in law and rest easy for a while and enjoy the clean carpets. Later in the afternoon it was time to run errands, so we went to the library and the kids picked out their prize books at the book store there (3 each) and then we were off to the bank and Costco (where the door guy told me that I had done well.-I’m still not sure if he meant that the kids are all cute or that none of them were crying, so I must have done well. I took it as both. =). After Costco we had to go to Walmart too. We did our two cart trick again with Vincent and Olivia in the big part of the cart, Abby in the baby spot and me pushing them, with Elizabeth behind me with her own cart where I can put all the stuff without walking around the cart. Elizabeth does a really good job keeping up with me and not running into things (except my ankle-just once today: no blood.) As we were checking out there, the lady behind me whose cart was heaping told me that she doesn’t know how I do it with four and that she can barely shop with her two (who weren’t there). Elizabeth returned the extra cart and the three kids stood by the wall while I checked out and they ate their little snack).
It was a successful day.
Now I don’t have to do that again for at least another week. Phewww.
I started up the sprinkler in the backyard for the big kids to run through while I took care of Abby and they were happy doing that for a little while before they came in to watch tv and read their new books. I did have to snap a picture of that since it’s the first sprinklering of the season at our house (the girls did go to our neighbor’s house last month to run through her sprinklers.) They like to go down the slide when it’s wet too.
Yes, that’s my garden in the background. Before you get jealous of all of my plants, know that the majority of them are weeds. I’m not doing well with that this year. Abby is teething (still) and just wants to be held anytime I’m around. I think she’s getting some early separation anxiety too and she watches me leave a room and cries until I get back. I guess she’s that age now. Fun. She’s so cute though I don’t mind the extra cuddles.
After Andy got home and got the bills paid, we went back to Walmart for stamps and then to pick up our shirts and numbers for the special two year old Clara‘s walk/run 5K Saturday morning. She is 2 and was diagnosed with cancer a little more than a month ago. I went to church and school with her mom and aunts. We ate dinner finally at 8:40pm (very late!) where teenagers told us how cute Abby is and as soon as the girls finished, they were cleaning and closing the playplace. I hadn’t even thought of that. I told them that we’d go to the park tomorrow and then realized that we ARE already going to the park for the 5K. Oh well. They weren’t too sad and took it well and I bought them cookies because they didn’t whine about not getting to play when they were looking forward to it.
We are having a pretty good summer and enjoying the daylight, even though that means that the kids go to bed pretty late. At least they are tired at bedtime so they don’t play so much when they need to sleep. And now Abby’s asleep too. Time for me to go to bed. Yea!
Sorry about all the parentheses. I like them.

2 responses to “Cars, Sprinklers, and more

  1. LKP says:

    lol. don't apologize, parenthesies ROCK! was good to see you today as well. sorry we didn't linger to visit more, the dogs had had enough! :) hope there was plenty of lovely playtime on the park toys.

  2. LKP says:


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