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Silverwood 2011

on August 7, 2011
We met up with Andy parent’s two sisters and their families, and two cousins at Silverwood Theme Park in Northern Idaho (about 3 1/2 hours from home) Saturday, August 6th. It doesn’t open until 11am and we got there just after then. We didn’t even go to the waterpark section of the park. We (Andy and I) like regular non-wet rides better.
Olivia didn’t want to go on the first ride of the day because she didn’t want to get wet in her clothes. Neither do I!
Elizabeth, Andy, Vincent, and Grandpa George on the water log (Thunder Canyon) ride.

They had fun.
Great job!
After this, we split up a little so those who wanted to could go on the big rides. Sara’s husband, David, and I ended up with our combined six kids (mine and Sara’s) to take around. It was fun. The kids all did great and we took turns going with them on rides an adult was needed. It worked out well.

Elizabeth was Vincent’s buddy some of the time. He’s lucky to have big sisters to dote on him.
Olivia trying to help Vincent strap in. So sweet.
Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent waiting for their turn. They all did very well for being there for ten hours. No one got lost and they didn’t whine too much either.
Vincent and Olivia on the giant swing. They are such nice buddies.
Elizabeth and Olivia kept getting off and right back on this ride. They like it. Last time we went Andy and I rode with them over and over. It’s fun.
Vincent on the train coaster.
Odie dog. Garfield is the mascot at Silverwood and Odie is his dog.
Vincent on his horsey.
Even Abby rode the carousel! She liked the shiny gold.
Olivia, Elizabeth, and Sami on the steam engine ride.
Grandpa George with Vincent and Daphne.
Abby with me on the steam engine.
Becky with Vincent and his cotton candy ice cream.
Olivia, Elizabeth, and Vincent with Andy on the giant swing. Elizabeth was hanging on tight!

I’m in this picture. It’s the upside-down part of the corkscrew ride. I’m the very top left. Andy is next to me, but you can’t see him. This ride is my favorite!

I rode with Olivia and Elizabeth on the Tilt a whirl type ride. I love this one too.

Abby was starting to get a little mad at me for not holding her here while we waited for everybody else. I fed and changed her right before this.
Olivia driving Becky, Andy, and Vincent. You can’t see those guys because when they got to me, they had to keep going, so I waited 45 minutes to miss the picture of that. Awesome. =( I actually fed Abby for maybe 15 minutes of that time around the corner.
Elizabeth driving Jason (Andy’s cousin, Becky’s brother). He looks a little scared there….
One final ride on the helicopters for these three.
Abby with Olivia and Vincent at the giant boot.
This is what your wallet looks like after a fun day at Silverwood (if you get wet). One dollar left. (Picture blurry on purpose.)
We left about 9pm and had some dinner, got some gas, and drove home. I had to drive the last hour and a half because Andy was tired (it was his bedtime) and since I’ve been in training to go on little sleep and still function and I stay up way too late, I was alert to drive home the rest of the way. Andy normally drives everybody and I rest.
I had to shower off the nasty sweat and sunscreen mix as soon as I got home at 1am (after putting the bigger kids to bed) and that way I didn’t have to get up to shower in the morning before church at 9am. I finally got to bed about 3am (after putting stuff away, reloading the bag, feeding a baby, catching up online, and uploading pictures.)
My plan was to nap Sunday afternoon, but Abby won’t sleep, so I’m doing this instead. Maybe she’ll sleep long enough for me to take a quick nap? I hope so! I need one, but it’s almost dinnertime….
Swimming lessons begin again this week for Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent. Should be fun! That’s our life: busy and fun.

2 responses to “Silverwood 2011

  1. Kim says:

    Looks like a fun time! We've never been to this park, but I hear great things.

  2. What a fun day! And I loved your photos. Log rides are my favorite. It's all the other crazy rides I can't handle. We've been wanting to take our kids to an amusement park. It's been a few years!

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