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Sisters/Cousins Day

on August 17, 2011

This morning we had swimming lessons and then made our way North to meet up with Andy’s mom and three of his four sisters with their kids at the water park in Moses Lake. We met there because it’s in the middle of us and Sara’s family. We were a little late because of swimming lessons, but the more I thought about the drive over there, the more I thought that I should really stop and visit my grandparent’s whose road is literally right off of the main road to Moses Lake. We stopped and visited them for a half hour before moving on. It was great to see them. It has been a while since we were able to get over there to visit.

The kids always ask to play with the marble game. They divided them up by color and played very nicely together.

Abby crawled around for a little while, but got upset, so Grandma Zora held her for a few minutes. My sister bought this outfit for Elizabeth when she was tiny. =) Abby liked it a lot when the kids were holding a flag on a stick and waving it around. She was giggling like crazy!

Then we were on our way again and finally got to the water park an hour and a half after everyone else in our group got there, but we had a great time and stayed a while after they left too.

Obviously, holding Abby in the water and taking pictures doesn’t work well together. We enjoyed splashing with everyone and keeping track of our kids.

We played for a long time in the huge shallow area for kids with slides. After everyone else left, we moved over to the lazy river and the body boarding area (per Olivia’s request).

Vincent liked these water sprinkler things. He took off the water wings shortly after.

My favorite Vincent quip from our visit was when I was chatting with someone, I looked over and he was splashing some guy (a parent, nice-fun guy) in the shallow end. It was too loud with the water, music, and other people to just call his name and the guy was splashing him back (nicely) so I just let him know not to do that anymore. He is one fun-loving kid.

Elizabeth is on the right side closest to the wall going into the lazy river. The water flows and it’s not very deep, so you just float along on the tube.I rode in a double one (see bottom left of the picture above to know what the double tube looks like-that’s not me. lol.) with Vincent while the aunts and grandma took turns holding Abby at the beginning and again later with a sleepy Abby and Vincent.

Olivia really wanted to do this.Even after waiting in line and watching everyone else, she still wanted to go!She is a brave little girl! She went once and then jumped right back in line to go a second time!

Elizabeth went after Olivia and ended up going three times.

Olivia’s body boarding. She got a little somersaulted on the second try (not videoed) and came back crying. Poor kid. I admire her willingness to try new things.

Elizabeth’s body boarding. She loved it too.

Just after Elizabeth’s second try she went for one more ride in the lazy river before doing it one last time and suddenly I heard my name being called. Andy’s mom was back. I was all confused, but they had gone to eat some dinner and she wanted to make sure I was alright with all four of my kids alone there. We were doing fine, but I did like that she checked on me. After we finished changing and got back to the car, I noticed that she tried to call my cell phone several times before coming back over to check on me.

So one last little note…..I told the kids that I’d get them each a snowcone as soon as Elizabeth finished the body boarding and got out my money and started walking over there (not far away) and they had closed it up since I told the kids. Dang! I knocked at the door once to see if they would do it but they didn’t answer and I asked a worker who was there taking out trashes about it and she said they don’t normally close that early and didn’t know why they did. It was strange because there were still two more hours that they were open and they closed the concessions at 4:30pm instead of 6:30pm. It doesn’t make much sense because that’s when people are probably the most hungry for concessions, right? Anyway, I told the kids that the next time we go to a park I’d get them snowcones.

We love doing things with our family! We are having such a fun summer!

2 responses to “Sisters/Cousins Day

  1. That surfing look so fun! That's brave of them to go. I might chicken out. :)

  2. Mary says:

    They have added stuff to the Water park. Looks like fun! Is the Tube still there? Thanks for sharing the videos and Pictures of my Cute Grandkids!!

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