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Skate Night

on August 23, 2011

Sunday night we had some cake for Olivia’s sixth birthday at Andy’s parent’s house. I forgot the ice cream. Fail. Oh well. The cupcakes were yummy. (I think we forgot Olivia’s presents there too.)Monday night we were able to go to a free skate night for our library summer reading program. We usually end up going about once a year, so our kids aren’t very good at it and it shows, but they have fun anyway. They are all so much taller with skates!

Olivia ready to go!

Vincent did pretty great on the carpet. He slipped a bunch on the hard floor, but I was holding his hand, so he was fine.

Abby was hanging around in the front carrier because Andy was working late and I was on my own with four kids. Abby slept most of the time. I guess loud music, kids yelling, and me moving makes her sleepy. I think that’s just called a fourth child. They have to be a little more easygoing, don’t they?

Elizabeth wanted to go instead of letting me take a picture.

Some of our family friends were there with their kids, so he took his son and Vincent for a few laps.

Olivia decided that she’d try the limbo. This little girl (I don’t know her) in the blue was holding her hand until Olivia started slipping.

Skating over to the limbo stick…

And boom. Poor little bottom.

See? She’s holding it a little. =( She’s a trooper and still went a few more laps after this.

This is what I looked like. They let parents helping kids just wear regular shoes, which is very nice. One of us has to be steady. I had a kid on each side and if they slipped, I could hold them up a little to soften the fall. Vincent and Olivia were both able to skate without hanging on to the wall before the end, but still needed my hand most of the time.

I felt like a survivor after this. Maybe it was the four or five laps around the rink and the four kids I brought. I kept telling myself, “I can do HARD things.”


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