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Back to School

on August 30, 2011

Monday was a fun-filled day (like so many of our days are-we do our best to have fun all the time).
First up was baking the lasagna I made Sunday afternoon and taking it over to the school for the teacher/staff luncheon. We also dropped off Olivia’s school supplies and met Mrs. Spencer who will be her teacher for the first half of the year until the regular teacher comes back from maternity leave (she’s the teacher Elizabeth had). The first graders were having a little open house Monday evening, but it was right when Olivia’s ballet class was, so we just did it early. It was nice to meet her teacher. She’s a grandma and seems great!
Olivia next to her locker. Our school was built just five years ago, so everyone has lockers and it’s so nice to not be tripping on bags and jackets when I help in the class. She’s excited to start first grade!A friend dropped of all but one spoonful of my lasagna a little while later. I was happy to not have to cook dinner. After lunch and a stop to pick up PTA stuff for membership we were off to an ice cream social at a friend’s house. This is the fifth one she has done here (fourth one we have gone to). She invites all the school age kids and their families over for ice cream and we bring an ice cream topping to share.
The kids divide up by age and do a cheer for going back to school, they do a relay, and then some other fun games before ice cream time while the moms enjoy visiting and watching our kids with their friends. I would estimate at least 50 people there (including about five babies). It is a fun way to kick off school starting.
This is a capture the flag type game where the person in the middle drops the cloth and then everyone around the circle tries to get it first. Elizabeth was pretty good at this game. She’s there in the middle holding the cloth.
The preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders were a little small for the big kid games, so they all played duck-duck-goose. Vincent’s in green near the middle and Olivia’s on the right side in red.
Finally! Ice cream! Vincent played in the sandbox under the slide just long enough for someone’s tipped over ice cream to drip all over his hair (it looked frosted like highlights) and to get all dirty and muddy. I couldn’t take him home in the car like that, so I asked my friend if we could hose him off. His shoes were removed and then he had a nice warm hose shower (the water in the hose had been sitting in the sun). My friend let us borrow a towel and he went home in it.We came home to clean up and luckily Abby was sleeping so I gave Vincent a haircut before his bath. It was getting too long and it’s so hot for him! Then it was time for Olivia’s ballet. She is all excited that this year they get to do ballet poses on the barre. Elizabeth has decided not to do ballet this year, but plans on trying out for Nutcracker again. After we got home, we packed up some lunches and heated up our dinner and had a good family night. We painted some puff paint on plain shirts with the kids for fun.
Tuesday morning school started. I was up late the night before finishing projects (and all of the laundry! Yea! I’m obsessed with finished laundry…), but got up early to make the kids French toast with last week’s French bread that I stuck in the fridge and some bacon and juice.
Have to get first day of school pictures of the kids. I took Olivia’s picture facing me first and then wanted a backwards shot to see how big the bag is compared to her and Vincent wanted to be in it too. Elizabeth was getting something she forgot.
Elizabeth and Olivia are great sisters. Elizabeth is now a third grader and Olivia is a first grader.
Backwards shot of the girls.
Vincent and I ran errands all day. I figure if I get them all out of the way, I can relax the next day and be done. Abby cooperates pretty well too. We had several short visits to: two friend’s houses to drop something off, the library, the bank, the UPS store, back home because I forgot my coupon bag (and needed it), to Target (for $2 12 packs of Diet Pepsi for Andy, diapers, and a few other coupon finds), then over to Kennewick to Andy’s parent’s place to pick up the birthday present we left there last week and the coupons and we saw Torrie there too and realized that we left Vincent’s sunglasses in the cart at Target, over to Pasco to the Paper Factory to get some thank you notes for Olivia’s birthday, some super discounted secrets that will be birthday gifts for a few lucky people, and free Transformer costumes (they over-bought and had them in big bins in the front of the store marked free) for Vincent and several boy cousins (the lady told me to take some for them-8 total), then back to Target to get the sunglasses that were miraculously still in the cart in the cart holder outside so I didn’t have to take the kids back in, and then to Albertson’s to get some free stuff with the doubler coupons, home to drop off all of our stuff, and then we walked over to the school and on the way dropped off something for a lady I visit teach. While at the school, we returned the borrowed towel from the previous day (now clean), gave a friend my unused coupon doublers, gave the other lady I visit teach her little Mom’s back to school gift (*Post It Notes-to remember things or for reminders *Pens-to write things down and sign all those papers *Skittles-in case you start feeling scattered *Starbursts-For a ‘burst’ of energy to make dinner) and then we walked the girls home with one of the girls from Elizabeth’s grade.
Olivia with a smile when we picked her up. She even ate her entire lunch.
Elizabeth and Olivia in front of the schoolElizabeth with her friend walking home.We stopped at her friend’s house and they wanted to play, so I arranged that with her mom.
She ended up coming home a little less than an hour later because she bumped her eyelid on a gate or something and it had a bump (now it’s almost a black eye).
Abby slept in the stroller on our walk.The kids played most of the afternoon until Andy came home for our leftover dinner and fixed our water heater (hopefully for good this time) and then left for a meeting. I read to the kids until my sneezing became too much (forgot my allergy pill today) and then Andy came home just in time to take over and I took an hour nap before Abby needed me again. The kids all got to bed and Andy and I watched a favorite show of ours. A busy, but great day. Tomorrow Vincent, Abby, and I are going to the park, hanging out with a friend, and then playing with cousins all afternoon and evening. So much fun! Whew!


One response to “Back to School

  1. Mary says:

    uh oh, a black eye for scholl pics this year! We won't be there tonight, Dad has Bishopric mtg he can't cancel. Take a group pic if you can catch them all together…lol

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