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Standing and First Teeth

on September 4, 2011

Abby has only been really moving around now for a month (at the most), but is already starting to crawl around more and is even standing up next to things a little. She is just 7 1/4 months old, so this is really not something I’m encouraging a lot, but I DO want to take video of it because she’s just so little to be doing this already. At least it seems super early. It is compared to our other kids who walked at 13-11-13 months (respectively). She’s not totally standing on her own or walking, but it seems like she will be soon if she’s already standing up next to things.

Here are some videos and pictures of Abby’s growth lately.

It works best to put her here standing up (instead of the tiny balls of her heels digging into my thighs) with my legs as a buffer on either side. (Notice my comfy red slipper behind her?)

Abby’s first two teeth finally popped through on Monday. She’s been chewing on everything for months!Sitting up. You can kind of see her little bitty teeth here.

Can you see her teeth here?

No? Me neither, but this is what she did several times when I was trying to get a picture of her teeth.

There are those little teeth!

Abby loves this little lion. When the middle spins it talks and plays music.

And now she was finally ready for bed. These pictures were taken very early in the morning on Saturday. I’m determined to not let the fourth kid not have any pictures or information about when they were a baby fall aside. It’s so much easier now with digital cameras and blogs to keep track of them. I love it!


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