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on September 4, 2011

We went up to my grandparent’s farm in Mesa (near Connell about 40 minutes from home) on Saturday to try out the zipline that my Uncle Jed and Aunt Diana built over their pond. My aunt sent out an email Friday night inviting everyone to come and try it out. My uncle likes to build things on the farm. About ten years ago, he built a HUGE teeter totter with some irrigation pipe. It’s fun to do when you have the space to do it.

Saturday morning Abby slept until 10:30 (with one feeding at 6 or so) after finally going to sleep about 2am. I slept too and it was great! =) Our other kids played with all the toys in the house (and then cleaned them all up before they got to eat lunch.) I’m so glad they can keep themselves occupied.

We left our house after 1pm to head up to the zipline. We had a stop on the way at a model railroad supplies store so Andy could pick up a few things. He has started working on his tracks again.

The store is built in a few old train cars next to each other. It’s an interesting (and very crowded) place. I wanted a picture of the kids by the railroad sign out front. Yes, they dress themselves.

This is the house (center of picture) that I lived in until I was four.

Because I was so young, I don’t remember much, including this pond. How can I not remember a pond? I DO remember cows being down there (and that has been verified) and I remember going to a canal near my house with just my big brothers to catch tadpoles and I remember riding in a car with two of my cousins who lived down the road at that point to preschool, but I cannot for the live of me remember a pond. Aunt Diana told me that because the cows aren’t using it now that it has gotten bigger and they take dirt from the bottom of it to level fields out each year too. Anyway, I do not remember EVER going to this pond. Ever. I probably did at some point, but I don’t remember. I know I went near the haystack that’s close to the pond road entrance. I also know that in high school I made up a story (that was supposed to be my real experiences, but I didn’t have many real experiences worth writing about) about places I like to swim and included a fictional story about the pond at my grandparent’s house that was surrounded by corn and was mostly a mud hole. The other two places were two major fountains in our area (that my mom described to me, but I didn’t remember-maybe that’s my problem!) and my bathtub. Maybe my memory isn’t so bad. I can remember my whole essay….. I think I just don’t have pictures of myself here. =)

Olivia’s first step was getting in line for the zipline and testing it out. She went a long way because she is so light.

(At the doctor a few weeks ago she was weighed and then came back in the room to tell me how much she weighed and she told me “four, zero, eight”. I informed her that there’s no way she’s 408 pounds and that 408 pounds is more than twice my size. Then the nurse brought me in the paper with her height and weight and sure enough, she does weigh “four, zero, eight”. Yep, 40.8 pounds.)

They have a canoe, a paddle boat, and a floating dock in the pond. The deepest part is 22 feet at one end. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water.

Getting the paddle boat started is hard, I guess. I didn’t even go in because I was holding Abby and because I didn’t have time to come home and shower before going out on missionary exchanges with the sister missionaries (excuses, excuses…)

Abby poking at Grandma Zora. I was glad they came over to visit.

I just think my grandparents are so cute! Grandpa is always helping Grandma (notice the arm hold) and they are so sweet with each other and Grandpa even still teases Grandma and she still laughs, even though he’s been saying the same little things for years. I love their matching hats and canes too. They make me smile.

Abby wanted to play on the ground. She liked pulling up the dry grass-type weeds.

Fudgesicles were consumed, along with cookies, licorice, pumpkin seeds, and water. Can you tell?

Vincent trying to learn how to row the canoe.

Andy went on the zipline before we left. The water is COLD there I understand.

Hitting the cold water.

He must have enjoyed it because look at that smile!Video below.

The missionary exchanges were great, but Abby was asleep when I came home, so she woke up when Andy went to bed and now it’s nearly 3am and I can finally go to sleep myself.

2 responses to “Zipline

  1. Mary says:

    Who else went out yesterday? The Person in the Purple shirt looks a bit like Aunt Mary, but maybe it was Anne. I dont' think I'd want to go on this with the water underneath. Glad you got to go and Play!

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks for coming guys! We had great fun!

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