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New Nephew and Graham Crackers

on September 7, 2011

We were able to go and meet our new little nephew Tuesday after the girls were done at school.
(That sentence is as far as I got when my neighbors called and asked if I could hang out at their house with their boys while they went to the hospital because she was having contractions two minutes apart. I ended up staying there just from 12-1:30-no problem for me-because she wasn’t dilated and she’s not quite to 39 weeks yet and the hospital sent them home, so Abby-who came with me and slept in her carseat-and I went home to pack lunches and do this…)
Anyway, babies all around, so back to the hospital on Tuesday to visit our newest nephew/cousin. He is actually my 18th nephew and the kids’ 18th boy cousin (17 total grandkids on my side and now 15 on Andy’s side with one on the way).
Abby was a little jealous that I was holding him, so Elizabeth had to get her out of the stroller and pay attention to her a little.
Olivia with her new little cousin and Vincent (whose cheeks are all pink from the juice he had at the brunch earlier that morning). He has so much hair! Elizabeth with another boy cousin. He’s cute and sweet and we are excited to see who he becomes.Before the hospital visit I dropped the girls off at school, went to a birthday brunch with some friends for another friend, went shopping at Kohl’s (my favorite store) for some baby things for boys, came home for lunch and a little rest, picked up girls from school, met adorable little Ryder born Tuesday just after midnight.
Then we went home to make dinner and the kids played while I did some PTA things, dinner, and finally the first PTA meeting of the year. Kids all went to sleep and I folded some laundry and made some lunches and swept and mopped the floor and loaded the dishwasher while Andy vacuumed. Doing so much in one day makes the next day so much more refreshing. I didn’t have hardly anything to do (cleaning wise) on Wednesday, so Vincent, Abby, and I walked to the park to meet up with friends from our ward and their kids and Vincent and Abby napped for a little bit, so I made some banana bread and did a few more things that have been hanging out on my list and rested myself before going back to pick up the girls. At game night Wednesday, Abby was acting hungry, so I gave her a graham cracker. She had some Tuesday at the brunch with my friends, so I knew she liked them. She can tell when I’m taking pictures. She put the food down and started pulling faces. (Thanks for the shirt, Emily!)
This little girl is so sweet and pretty happy most of the time. I think she might even be done spitting up finally (fingers crossed!)
I love the faces she makes. I don’t know if her little pink heart between her eyes will go away ever, but I like it anyway.
She ended up eating one whole (four sections) graham cracker. She loves real food. No baby food for this girl.
She ate it all herself and didn’t even make a very big mess. When she was done, I gave her a wet washcloth and she pretty much cleaned herself. I love all the excitement kids bring to our lives, even though some of it I could do without (ie: potty training, spilled food, etc.)


2 responses to “New Nephew and Graham Crackers

  1. Mary says:

    So happy for Susie and Doug to have 3 little boys. Ryder does have a lot of Hair! You are staying busy and having fun with the older girls in school. Keep taking pictures of those beautiful Blue eyes! I love the Big Brown Eyes too, those come from my side of the family!!!

  2. janaemadsen says:

    I totally miss you… sigh…

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