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My Ramblings of the Rest of the Week

on September 11, 2011

This has been a busy (as always), but fun (as usual) weekend. It was also a weekend where we were able to spend time with family and friends and also listen to several great talks at our adult session of Stake Conference (for church) and Regional Conference (broadcast from Salt Lake to all wards and stakes in Washington and Alaska).
To get back to where I started off with my last blog, I felt completely crummy all day on Thursday. I still had to function as a mommy, so I did the minimum and laid around most of the day with a gurgling tummy, sore back, and headache. I hate feeling lousy. (I have an appointment with the chiropractor and massage therapist there on Wednesday and cannot wait to have them fix my back.) I’m pretty sure walking to the school and all over is supposed to help me have more energy instead of making me hurt all over and want to lounge around doing nothing. I have to just keep up the exercise and hope it goes away, I guess (along with this extra weight!) Vincent’s preschool was cancelled because the kid whose mom was in charge this week was throwing up, so we are having two next week instead. (This may or may not have been the reason I suddenly felt lousy…..) I dropped the girls off at school, turned on a show for Vincent, showered hoping to feel better, still didn’t feel better, went back to bed because Abby was still sleeping after her morning feeding, woke up a few minutes later, and my friend brought her daughter over to take her nap here while she went to an appointment-she will only sleep at her house and mine because I was tough enough to make her sleep when she was small and she knows she does that here (her grandma can’t handle letting her fuss). Vincent took longer to go to sleep than normal, so I had to wake up three kids from naps (and myself-although I kept having crazy dreams, so I didn’t sleep that well!) to go and pick the girls up from school and drop off my friend’s daughter (along with buckling three kids in and out of seatbelts-ugh!) All while feeling crummy. Once we were home, I made sure Abby was fed and left the big girls to play with Vincent and Abby (if she was awake….it was all a blur) until Andy got home. Luckily, he got home early and took care of the kids until bedtime when I felt slightly better. I got up long enough to make lunches, tidy up, and the family room was bugging me (because I went to my pregnant friend’s clean and organized-well nested-house the day before) and so I rearranged it. We still had our old dining room table next to the new one which is just too much table in one spot, so I moved it across the room to make things look and work better.
I like this better now. It makes me smile when I go in there. Above:DVD cabinet, table and chairs, recliner, love seat on one side.
Below: Cleaned off (mosty) back counter-I like the kid DVD shelf up there and boxes the girls collect papers in. They don’t have toys in their room.), blue plastic drawers behind the love seat, and white shelf with baby-approved toys, old table with extra new chairs for homework and small toy playing and the big hide-a-bed by our back door.I also went through the toys and sorted out the ones that Abby can choke on (polly pockets, pet shops, and zhuzhu toys) and put them away. I got out the Fisher Price Little People and baby toys that are good for her. The older kids can ask for the choking hazards when she’s sleeping.

Friday, I felt TONS better. My back and head still hurt, but I’m growing used to that (and I know many people whose back hurts worse than mine and I moved enough furniture around that it made sense). I got this in the mail.I ordered it a few weeks ago from the company that made the first three, but our hospital changed how they do baby pictures from the hospital, so I had to track down the company, figure out the price, print out our own picture for it, and mail it in. I wanted Abby to have one that matched the others enough that all that work was worth it.
My mom made it to the final round of the McCall’s Quilting Magazine Challenge! Their final challenge is to make a quilt using inspiration from the lyrics of any well-recognized song. WHAT SONG WOULD YOU PICK? Thank you so much for voting for my mom! She can’t share any details of the next quilt until it’s up for voting in the middle of October, but I’ll let you know when to start voting.
Friday night we went over to Kennewick for a family birthday party for Sara and Daphne. Sara brought her two girls down for a night to visit and see the new baby.

Sara with Daphne opening her playground ball from us.
We brought the ice cream we forgot for Olivia’s birthday there and some cones. I had to put these pictures side-by-side of Daphne (nearly two) and Abby (seven months). People keep telling me Abby looks like her.

Oh, and Abby’s cone does not have ice cream. After we got home I cleaned up my craft room enough to sew (which means putting things away and uncluttering my food storage I get with coupons) and mended some things and sewed up the baby cross-stitches that are from just after Abby (end of January) until the middle of May. I’m way behind, but I’ll catch up soon! I like making them, but Abby doesn’t let me cross-stitch without pulling on my thread and trying to grab the needle, so I can’t do it when I hold her like I could with the other kids. She’s just too busy for it.
Saturday was a busy day with five different things on the calendar that we planned on doing. One of the kids who comes to our ward with his grandparents was baptized at 9am and Andy helped fill the font and then came home to get us just before it started, so the older three kids got ready and when Andy came home, he got Abby dressed because I wasn’t quite ready yet. The baptism was great, but Elizabeth was a little disappointed that they didn’t have refreshments. When we got home, I took care of Abby and took a little nap before taking Elizabeth and Abby to Sonic for lunch (I took Olivia when Vincent was at the fair and Elizabeth was in Walla Walla and then took Vincent after the girls started school, so it was her turn), Nutcracker auditions for Elizabeth (she wants to be a mouse), a quick, but fun stop at a baby shower for a friend, then home to send Andy off to a Priesthood Leadership Stake meeting, while I napped (and so did Abby and Vincent). Olivia was playing a game on the Wii with three computer players and made the one on her team hard and then others easy “because I want to make sure I win”. She’s one clever kid. We had a little break before going to pick up the babysitter to watch our kids while we went to the adult session of stake conference with Abby. It was great to listen to the talks by our Stake Presidency and see so many of our friends and visit with them after the meeting. When we got home, I finished the hand stitching of the cross-stitches and took pictures of them, so I can deliver them and watched a movie or two while I did some busy work.

Sundays talks from our church leaders were equally wonderful. There are plenty of things I need to work on. After church, I napped (because I’m a big napper) and then because the kids were quiet and let me sleep the afternoon away, we went to Andy’s parent’s house for dinner. I love going there for Sunday dinners and not having to cook anything. It’s the best. We like to visit with them and we were there when their home teacher came over too, which was nice because he’s been their home teacher since we got married and our home teachers haven’t visited since our ward switched around last November. Andy read to the kids while I took care of Abby (I promise I feed her more than I write in here, but it gets redundant I’m sure!) and then I read a little more of the first Nancy Drew book with Elizabeth because it’s our next mother-daughter book group book.
There is a fire close to Andy’s parent’s place (where we went Labor Day weekend), but at this point it’s mostly contained and the fire break is below their property, so it looks like it will be safe from the fire. It would be really awful for their brand new beautiful home to be burned up so soon after finishing it, not to mention that their land would be stubble and not really worth anything to rebuild on. We are glad the firefighters are working so much on the fire. Last year I wrote about 9/11 and where we were, so you can read about it here if you’d like to. We are still brought to tears when we think about the destruction caused by the terrorists and when we explain what happened to our kids to help them know what 9/11 is all about. The road up the hill to the church this morning was lined with flags that represented each person who died on 9/11 and was so moving to see how far those 3,000 flags go and to think about each person one flag represents. Amazing.
I think you all know I’m a rambler by now and that this is my journal, so sorry to make you read so much, but hopefully you at least like the pictures and can read something when you’re tired. =)


One response to “My Ramblings of the Rest of the Week

  1. Mary says:

    The only similarities I see in Abigail and Daphne is their Big Beautiful Blue Eyes and long eyelashes!Glad the Chiro and Massage works for you! Have a great week, maybe not so busy…??

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