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A Cousin’s Birthday

on September 18, 2011

Our nephew Colby turned seven on Saturday and we went over to their place to help them celebrate. Because he’s allergic to milk products, eggs, nuts, and a few other things, his mom is forced to be awesomely creative in making his birthdays just as great as other kids’ birthdays (and most of the time exceeding expectations). Check out the cake she made below:She got the recipe for the actual cake from a store in Seattle that caters to kids who are allergic to things and made all that fondant and the characters. She said she worked on the cake for about three days and that each character took about a half hour to make. She’s very creative, so it would take a normal person about three times as long to make something half as nice.

She made a Superwoman to go on the cake too, but she was (ahem!) a little top heavy and wouldn’t stand up.
Colby appreciates the work his mom puts into the cakes and treats she makes for him and he does get to have soy ice cream to go with his cake.
I put Abby on the grass for a minute and she ate a leaf. I wanted to take a picture and she showed it to me.

It was a chilly evening, so she was a hot commodity in her fleece outfit. Several people wanted to hold her just to warm up.
Colby with one of the pointy parts of his pinata. He’s a great kid.
Here is Vincent hitting the pinata. (He was not the one who made that big dent.)
Olivia taking her turn with the pinata.
And Elizabeth when the pinata was just about done. I like her stance. She’s serious about it.
I like to take pictures of the kids all diving in for candy. I think you can pick out my kids. They are wearing orange, hot pink, and red. Vincent is going the other way because he was crying that he couldn’t reach any candy. It was just about time to go home and go to bed.
He said that his tummy hurt, which really just means that he’s hungry, so Andy got him a piece of broccoli. Vincent picked the big one and then didn’t like it that much, so after this picture, Andy took most of it from him and he ate it. (Andy doesn’t like broccoli all that much either. I usually serve it cooked in our stir-fry or something.)
This Sunday night we are feeling the love. A family in the ward invited us over for dinner (which was great because Andy’s parents were busy with their calling in the single’s branch in Kennewick) and after visiting with them for a few hours, we came home to a surprise bag of fresh garden vegetables on our porch. Elizabeth said she thinks we have a secret admirer, but there was a card inside, so I quickly found out who it was. Gotta love fresh produce! I peeled three of the funky carrots (they hardly know what real carrots look like because we always buy baby carrots) for the kids for their nighttime snack. It was great.
I think I need to make some cookies tomorrow (or maybe some zucchini bread because we have an overabundance of that!) to deliver to our nice friends. =)

One response to “A Cousin’s Birthday

  1. Kori says:

    Thanks for coming to the party and for all the compliments. You are always so supportive. :)

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