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Getting better every day.

on September 18, 2011

Abby is getting better at standing next to furniture already and is crawling pretty fast these days. We still have to put her next to furniture to stand, but she can crawl over to things and get both hands up and be up on her knees. She’s just got to learn how to get her feet under her, although since she’s still not quite 8 months yet, she has PLENTY of time.

I love how she stands on her tippy toes. She has perfect little calves and cute feet. (If this little outfit looks familiar to you, Janessa, it’s because you bought it for Olivia when she was this size….And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little sister. 25 is still very young and you are really only as old as you act.)

Abby found the camera. She likes it when I take her picture, but won’t smile for professionals. Oh, well. I’d rather have smiley candid pictures for me anyway.Here she is reaching out to grab the camera. I can’t get enough of her….well, not in the middle of the day anyway.
Here are a few videos of her crawling and her noises. Watch and enjoy, if you’d like to.

Here is Abby making raspberries and attacking the camera.
I like this one too. Sorry. I couldn’t pick just one.

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