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Cooking, Growing, and Crafting

on September 28, 2011

Tuesday I was able to have lunch with a friend from high school (she and I used to date best friends and her boyfriend and I set up his sister and my brother-now married nearly 12 years) and meet her sweet new baby girl. Abby and Vincent were fairly well behaved too. It was so nice to visit with her. We came home for naptime and then picked up the girls (and a friend), took Elizabeth and a friend to their activity day, then took Elizabeth to the first of two free martial arts classes that I won last spring at an event in our area. (I won a week and they just meet twice a week.) We gets to go again on Thursday afternoon and is really excited about it. We have some friends who teach at their own place, so I think we might sign her up to do lessons through them instead. Elizabeth is the one with red hair, a red shirt, and black pants. Can you find her in the sea of white Gi’s?Monday I started laundry and then called a few people to make sure I could bring them dinner that night (really just to let them know that they didn’t need to worry about it, went to Albertson’s, the library, Safeway, and BigLots and then I spent most of the afternoon while Abby and Vincent napped making four dinners. One for us, two for friends with new babies, and one for a friend who hurt her back. I made pizza spaghetti, French bread, fruity jello, and zucchini brownies and also took them each a can of green beans, a green salad (free at Safeway with the coupons I had), Ranch dressing (also free from a month ago with coupons), and cut up tomatoes and cucumbers from Brad and Torrie’s garden. It was fun to make all of it and get it all cleaned up before we ate our dinner. Then we had FHE on the regular night, read to the kids, and watched a show we like.

AND we had a breakthrough this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vincent is now pooping in the potty instead of his pullups (with one exception since Friday). This is huge! Yesterday he even ran to the bathroom, got on the big toilet, and did his business. Finally!
I’ve been trying to finish up some crafting projects for our next Ransom-Made design Event. It is on October 7th (5-9pm) and October 8th (9am-3pm) in Kennewick at Shirley’s house (if you need directions, let me know). One of the many things we are doing differently this time is having door prizes. Each of us are putting in some of our items for three different baskets to give away to those who attend. Here is something new I made. A fun little pumpkin pillow. It fits perfectly October 1st-November 30th. I love it.
I also figured out how to make words curve around like the picture below in Powerpoint. I was so excited I had to whip one of these up again. I made one a while ago, but it was destroyed by one of my kids when they were mad about something and I needed to fix it up anyway. I’m going to make more in other fun papers to sell (inexpensively) at the Event in a week and a half.Wednesday was another errand morning with taking some baby clothes to some friends in our ward to borrow (just in case) because it’s getting colder now and we have warm clothes sitting around in our house in boxes, delivering the PTA memberships to the teacher’s boxes at the school (and Vincent and Abby played at someone’s house so I could do that), as well as delivering a few more invites to friends to the Event. I’m excited about some of the things that the other ladies are making! One even has a fabulous idea for a Forget-Me-Not vinyl sign. I had a sneak peek and I must tell you it is great! Off to sew up some more aprons and make some lunches.

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