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Bed Bath and Beyond!

on September 30, 2011

I found this robe in a box of Vincent’s baby clothes when I was going through them a few days ago to find some warm outfits and jammies to lend to a friend who has a foster baby boy for a little while (who knows for sure how long on those kinds of things and they already had six of their own kids and adopted three daughters from China, so I think I can lend a few baby boy things.) I don’t think Andy let me use it much on Vincent anyway because it’s a little girly. I forgot we had it. I love it when babies are fresh and clean. Abby bumped her chin while she was crawling on Thursday morning…..Well, there’s more to that story. I walked Vincent to preschool at his friend’s house down the road and after we came home I took Abby inside while Vincent held the door open, put her down, and went back outside to put the stroller in the van and he kept holding the door open for me until I came back in even though I kept telling him to not let Abby out. I wasn’t quite fast enough to catch her, but she didn’t bump very hard. It’s just a little rug burn.
Friday afternoon Vincent went to sleep under Olivia’s bed. I think this is funny because, well, he’s under a bed instead of on his own, but also because every night after we cover him and he moves and isn’t covered anymore, he cries that we need to come and fix it. Now I know for sure he can cover himself if he can make a whole set up under a bed! Also, if you look at that picture just above his shoulder is a grayish spot. Olivia’s toddler bed used to be there and she always wore flipflops or sandals and her dirty little footprint is on the wall. I just can’t clean it off. It shows every line and nook and cranny of her foot and includes every toe. She was only 2 or so when it appeared.
I’m excited to listen to/watch General Conference Saturday and Sunday, especially after the Relief Society Broadcast last week. It’s amazing how millions of people can hear the same talk and think it’s just for them. I love it. I plan on doing some crafty things to get ready for our Ransom Made Design Autumn Event next Friday and Saturday while I listen this weekend.

****What do you do on Conference Weekend? Do you have any traditions?****
-One family in our ward eats their 72 hour kit food every Conference and replaces it with fresh things.
-Another posted a picture of her Conference Crispies (Rice Krispy Treats).
-When I was a kid, my mom would make a big picnic to eat in the lawn in between sessions at the Stake Center where we always watched.
-The last two General Conferences I made homemade bagels.

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