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While Andy’s Away…

on October 5, 2011

Here’s what happened.
He left at 5am Monday morning. (I don’t remember this because I’m a sound sleeper, but I’m sure he kissed me goodbye and I fell back asleep without remembering it.) He went over to Mount Vernon (on the other side of Washington) for work. He went there last month too. I can’t remember what it is that he’s working on there, but he was there working hard for three days, getting up at 5am each day there getting the job done.
The kids and I got up at 7:30, got ready for school, playing at a friend’s house, and I got ready to help in the classroom of each girl. I helped the third graders first with the computer lab and then went up to Elizabeth’s classroom where they were learning math rules (associative and commutative properties) and then had to do a packet of work about them. They couldn’t just write down the answer on some of the problems. They had to actually say which property was used in the ‘math equation’. I don’t know if I’m good enough at math to help with their new way of doing it. Elizabeth is great at math, so I’m lucky that way. We’ll see how this goes.
Then I went down to the first grade classroom with Olivia and helped with their literacy centers. I helped in the same class with the same work and the same extra mom helper when Elizabeth was there, so this wasn’t too big of a stretch, but it is interesting to get to know the kids in her class and how they behave. (I was helping a few of them stay on task a little more than others…) Olivia was in the reading corner part of the time and writing words around the class the other part and I was with the kids who were cutting and gluing and making sentences. It was fun, but when I left, I needed a Tylenol!
Abby and Vincent were good at my friend’s house with her two preschool age sons and new baby girl. Somehow she managed all of them, so when it’s my turn, I’m sure I can too, right???
I did some crafting while Vincent and Abby napped and got more things ready to go.
After school, it was my turn to drive one of Olivia’s friends to ballet with us. She was all impressed with our ’90’s minivan. She was excited to sit ‘way in the back seat’ and she liked the sliding doors. She thought it was so cool. (Her family has a great new white SUV, so I thought her reaction to the minivan was hilarious.)
Tuesday after running a few little errands, we came home for lunch and babysat one of Olivia’s friends who is in kindergarten while her mom went somewhere. She loved playing with our dress up and loved it even more when Abby woke up from her nap. Meanwhile, I cleaned the kitchen, shredded the remaining zucchinis, and organized some coupons. Tuesday night was our monthly PTA meeting and I go to those, so I had to find someone to watch the kids (I took Abby) for me. It’s also our mutual night and starts at 7pm, which is some people’s bedtime, so it’s hard to find someone to watch the kids. A boy in our ward who’s going on his mission in two weeks came over to play with the kids. When I got home they were eating popcorn, cut up apples, and playing dress up, and had colored some pictures and were watching one of the Shrek movies. No one had any new band aids and all was well. (This particular young man is going to Utica, NY on his mission and ever since we’ve been in the ward-10 years-he has loved making faces at little babies and playing with them. He’s just a nice kid.) The plan was for me to put them to bed when I got home so he didn’t have to do that part. It was kind of a late night.
Wednesday a friend called just after I woke up and got the kids’ breakfast and asked if her son could come over while they packed up for their trip so I jumped in the shower and got ready and we swung by their house on the way back from the school, but he was having some behavior troubles and didn’t end up coming over. I had some time to make the things I needed to print and find out that I needed more printer ink (I think I need to adopt an ink well), so we went and got that and I got my things printed, lunch done, and Vincent’s nap started before cutting them out and getting everything ready for this weekend’s Ransom Made Design Event. It was raining today a little and the girls love using their dollar store umbrellas, so after school, they had them out and Elizabeth took Vincent on a walk down our road. I love pictures of these kids with umbrellas.Elizabeth came home with this note in her folder from the health teacher:
Elizabeth told me on the way home that she was the pitcher for kickball and a ball was kicked and hit her in the head, so I was expecting that, but not that it would say she was kicked by a bull. I teased her about that for a minute and then tried to make sure she knew that penmanship is important and that one letter can change the whole meaning of a word. (Note that it only took her five minutes to get over being hit by a bull.
Abby’s hair is getting a little longer, so we tried a ponytail tonight for that one inch square of hair in the middle. Pretty cute, I think.
She’s getting so big that tonight she had her bath in the big bathtub instead of our sink. We had two sessions of bathtime tonight. Olivia and Vincent were first because they don’t like bubbles in their bath now apparently and the Elizabeth helped Abby play while I cleaned her up. It worked pretty well and I didn’t get splashed as much as I do with her in the sink.
This girl is a tricky one and oh so cute!
Andy got home just after the big kids went to bed and Abby woke up to play. Tomorrow is preschool again and setting up all of my crafts so we are ready on Friday. It should be fun!

One response to “While Andy’s Away…

  1. Mary says:

    Cute kids, as always, and you're even more chatty when Andy is gone…

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