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Preschooler Pumpkin Patch

on October 13, 2011

We were invited to join an older group of mommy swap preschoolers to go to the pumpkin patch Wednesday, and you all know that I can’t say no to fun things, so we (Vincent, Abby, and I) ran some errands, ate lunch with Shirley and Torrie, and met our group out there at 12:30pm. Abby fell asleep partway through and it didn’t rain and no one got lost (except in the cheesy hay maze) or hurt, so it was a success.
Vincent loved riding the “tractor trailer” to the pumpkin patch.
Abby was starting to get a little fussy and was trying to push off of me until she fell asleep finally.
Vincent was very decisive in picking his pumpkin. He did pretty good. (Note: The top stem -peduncle- didn’t last very long after we got it home and he showed the girls. He is the one who broke it off though.)
He was so happy to be back on the trailer ready to ride back with his pumpkin.
And he climbed to the top of the hay bale pyramid twice (mostly without help-I did have a few friends assisting up there).
And back down too. He kind of just slid off, but without getting hurt.
We visited the farm petting zoo. Vincent liked these cute pigs.
He got a snickerdoodle and what they called pumpkin juice. It was really Tang (I’d know that smell anywhere.)
Vincent as the scarecrow.
Vincent is a little more than three feet tall.
This little trip cost only $3 per preschooler and that included a hayride to the pumpkins, the actual pumpkin (as long as the preschooler can carry it), the hay pyramid, the hay maze, a cookie and juice, the farm petting zoo, and memories. Awesome deal (and you all should know by now that I like great deals!)
We set up Halloween decorations last night and the kids are all super excited.
We are having our fifth annual Adult Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29th from 7-10pm if you want to join us (Costumes are a must!) Food, games, and prizes.
The jump rope lady visited our elementary on Tuesday and the newspaper and news channel came out and got these pictures.
Olivia is watching in this picture. I put her name above her head so you can see her, but it’s small. Elizabeth is just to the right of the middle here.
This is our principal. I love our school and how all the kids treat our principal and staff like they are rockstars. It’s so fabulous!
Here is our cool principal doing double dutch with the jump rope lady and one of our friends holding the ropes.

As you can see, we are busy having a lot of fun and capturing many memories on film, although not all of them….like the potty-training.

It might not be in the pictures, but Vincent is making huge leaps and bounds of progress. I never thought it would happen (okay, I knew it would happen eventually), but it did and it was like a light finally went off that he could do this (and he didn’t like the cold showers he was getting when he pooped in his pull up-it only took a few times). He is still wearing pull ups for another week or so, but he is keeping them dry and clean and getting to the bathroom mostly by himself. This is seriously amazing progress and I’m so proud of my big boy (and very happy that he’s done pooping his pull up because it’s so gross!)

Abby is crawling around all over and is starting to pull herself up to standing. She is nearly done breast-feeding too.


3 responses to “Preschooler Pumpkin Patch

  1. Mary says:

    What you don't like TANG?? It's the drink of Space men. So glad you had a little fun this week!

  2. Rachel says:

    so sad that we missed the fieldtrip but we'll take her up on friday. i think we finally beat this sickness. great pictures.

  3. Christina says:

    That pumpkin patch looks like so much fun!!! Abby and Derek are going to be great pals at Thanksgiving! And way to go Vincent! I hear ya on those nasty pull-ups! Ugh! Hooray for potty training!!!

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