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Just can’t get enough

on October 15, 2011

Of this little girl.
Elizabeth wanted to take some pictures of Abby this morning. Abby was in the skirt Olivia wore (and Elizabeth had a matching one) at Sara’s wedding. The fun headband was from that too. I was clipped coupons to get ready to go grocery shopping and just wanted them all to be busy so I could finish. It’s hard enough to make the grocery list (I had everything we needed on it, but I rewrote it so we aren’t all over the store especially on a Saturday and I had to figure out if I had coupons to match up with things we already were buying.)
Abby wanted to have the camera.
I love her cute little smile.
Seriously, I think she’s so cute.
Olivia wanted to join her for a picture too. She put on a pink dress to match her. (I know she would have worn a dress anyway.)
They really do love their baby sister.
Elizabeth wanted to video Abby crawling around too.

Another peek of our house. (Sorry about the dirty spots on our carpet. That’s on the list….again.)

Elizabeth wanted to document a typical Saturday. I didn’t want to be in it.

Andy was working on our bathroom today. He planned on working outside, but it rained and he didn’t want to fix the roof and risk falling off or suck up our leaves from the flower beds. Instead, he fixed a few things in the bathroom that needed some help.
I took the girls with grocery shopping with me (and left Vincent home napping) so no one would be running in to go to the bathroom interrupting Andy.
I made some pizza for dinner and we had a nice slow-paced evening, but it wasn’t quiet. Never is around here until about 11pm when most everyone’s asleep and I can read, clean, craft, or watch a movie in peace.

2 responses to “Just can’t get enough

  1. Mary says:

    Perpetuating the Camera BUG, I see! Glad Abigail likes the camera. The kids look like they had a good day!

  2. calirae says:

    She's so adorable!

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