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Marathon Day

on October 15, 2011

I’ve been having way too many marathon days lately. No, I’m not running (for real), but I am going from one thing to the next pretty often. I like to be busy, but I also really enjoy naptime in the middle of the day. It makes me—-how to put it???—-Not crazy. =)
Friday was one of those marathon days (after a few other marathon days). First up was the jogathon at the school. I had a little trouble finding someone to watch Vincent and Abby since most of my friends were helping at the jogathon, so I had to call someone from our ward whose kids go to a different school. Luckily, she could help me out. I would have taken the littles, but it was a little too cold and I was there all morning, which would have gotten old for them very fast.
Olivia’s class was one of the first groups to go. She looks thrilled. Almost as much as our buddy next to her.So many of them are wearing blue because it was the “Stomp Out Bullying” day for Richland. It would have been a little cooler if they were wearing our school colors instead, but bullying is a big deal. Of course, Olivia is still rocking the skirt, even though it’s the jogathon. They were all excited about doing this and one kid even asked me if my shirt was blue under my coat (it was.)Elizabeth looked pretty great at her first recess and came over to say hello to me. Her running pictures were taken with my camera on the sports setting which apparently is no good for taking pictures of kids running. Go figure.
After most of the kid’s were done with their half hour of jogging and we’d marked everyone’s lapcards, I went and picked up Vincent and Abby who were playing happily and Abby was even asleep for a while there. I guess they were good? (Sidenote: on Thursday afternoon another friend watched Vincent and when I picked him up she told me he was an angel as always. Yeah, I questioned that too.)
After school on Friday they have Kadlec Academy which our local hospital puts on at the schools around here to promote good health. The first week they learned about brains, last week was hearts, and this week was lungs.
They always get them up and moving. Olivia loves this. (Oh, and she fixes her own hair lately.)Elizabeth was wrangling Vincent. He enjoys that a lot. He does really like to be next to her and listens pretty well when the teachers are talking.
This was to help the kids pay attention to their breathing by pushing up a blown up rubber glove. Vincent was still messing around with his straw from the last mini class.
From there we went home and had a few hours to play, feed a baby, and upload jogathon pictures and send them to friends…..but we weren’t supposed to be home. I spaced out our mother daughter book group that we were supposed to go to. I was pretty sad about missing it. A friend called me right after it was over to see what happened to us. I had even talked to her the day before and sent out the reminder email to everyone two days before. There was just too much on my schedule Friday, I guess.
After Andy got home, I took a half hour nap because I was wiped out and then we ate sandwiches for dinner and went to the church for a game night. It wasn’t very well attended, but we still had a good time. The kids ran around and played. Olivia nearly beat our 30-something friend at Mastermind (he got her pattern on his last guess). I played some Acquire, which is one of our favorite games (someone else brought it) and I lost badly. I’ll blame Abby’s distractions. ;) Andy played Sorry and Hare and Tortoise that is our game and taught it to another group of friends. After both of those bigger games were done, we played Apples to Apples and then it was time to clean up all the mess (they had some refreshments too.)
I guess the gym is dusty? Here are my kids jumping rope nicely playing together.
What was Abby doing, you ask?
Eating random bits of Doritos off the floor. It kept her pretty busy.
After we got home and put the kids to bed and I ate something for dinner that was better for me than a sandwich, there was a little earthquake here! CRAZY end to a crazy day. It happened at 11:11 pm (People are all obsessed with that 11 stuff lately) and our house just creaked a little and we felt the ground move a little. Andy looked it up online and found this site that shows the latest earthquakes in the last seven days. Ours was on there site here. This site is cool to report any quake activity you feel and you can look at pictures and charts and all kinds of cool things. We had another little earthquake a month or so ago, but I didn’t feel it because I was driving. These are pretty much the only ones I’ve heard of in the last several years here, so I hope they’ll slow down again soon. They are a little unsettling. It makes it feel like the end of days and all that stuff.
If you think that was busy, here’s what we did on Wednesday (I sent this to my mom in a message.)
Of course today was busy. That part was only a small portion. I went with some other moms in our ward, so it was just the gas to get out there and the $3 for Vincent to play and the pumpkin.
We also: Dropped off the apron I finished (I took my bobbin in to the sew and vac place yesterday and he found a thread clogging up my bobbin and pulled it out and it worked fine—dumb, but free), went to Shirley’s to pick up the things for a silent auction for Candy Thornhill (former VB coach) and one of Sara’s ribbon blankets for a friend who wanted to buy one, and my baby front pack, and went to lunch with her and Torrie, then off to the pumpkin patch, back to Kennewick to drop off the silent auction things at Poland and Sons, dropped off the ribbon blanket and some I spy bags to my friend, home to stir the beans that were cooking for dinner, pick up a book and some papers I needed to copy, take a package inside, and take Vincent’s pumpkin inside while Abby and Vincent slept, dropped off some $ for a friend’s kid’s fundraiser to buy some apples, over to the school to sit and read until the girls got out, then to the copy shop where I locked the two sleeping kids and the big girls in the car while I ran in to make some copies of our Halloween party invite, and then home to finish up the taco soup prep, feed Abby, make kids do homework, read the rest of Nancy Drew, download pictures, eat dinner, plan preschool for tomorrow, and now it’s game night.
I do feel pretty super today.
Maybe I can just be normal one of these days.


One response to “Marathon Day

  1. Christina says:

    Wow! I am impressed. I was just talking about how you're a busy lady. Sheesh. I felt busy today making a little batch of applesauce and ummmmm… oh wait, that's all I did. :) Elizabeth looks so grown up! And Abby is still a doll!

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