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Crepe Paper

on October 22, 2011

Who doesn’t like crepe paper? Abby sure likes it.We went to a birthday party for a girl in Elizabeth’s class at school and Abby and I stayed to hang out and get to know them better. It was an outdoor dress up tea party. It ended up being a little windy, so that was exciting, but it wasn’t really cold at least.Elizabeth liked dressing up in this fancy dress and getting her punch out of the fountain in a ladylike glass saucer.She also enjoyed being not so ladylike eating her cotton candy.
How ladylike can you be when you eat that anyway?
Elizabeth had to leave a little early to go to her Nutcracker costume fitting. She’s a battle soldier this year. Friday night she had a real practice, so Abby and I took her to that and when she was done we went to Kohl’s to buy some underwear for Vincent.
<<< Warning potty-training paragraph to follow. >>>
We had some before, but we threw it away some of the time if it was pooped in disgustingly (which was often there for a while and it’s gross). He is now doing SOOOOOO much better in that department and is telling us when he needs to go and keeping his pull up clean and dry. He’s doing awesome. It’s so strange how you think the day will never come that they actually GET it. Finally, that day is here. Maybe it was the cold showers he got to have anytime he pooped his pants. (I know it sounds mean, but it’s not. He enjoys warm baths, so we had to do something that was unpleasant to help him know not to do it anymore. Trust me, if you ever have a kid as stubborn as him, you’ll try almost anything to help them understand. He’s 3 and 9 months.) I’m sure there will be a few set-backs here and there, but this week we are venturing into just underwear and no pull ups. He will still have diapers for naps and bedtime because we don’t expect him to wake himself up yet. Anyway, back to Kohl’s (my favorite store!), they were having a deal on character underwear in the little boys section and it was buy one, get one half off, so I found a few similar packages (because it doesn’t make sense to pay $18 for one and half off a $10 one for the second package, right?), and they had a few packages that were $7.99 each, so I picked up two of those and then in the baby section they had some other underwear that wasn’t the B1G1 half off, but they were on sale for $12 a package of seven pairs. I took all of them up to the register to figure out which set up would be cheapest. I figured that I needed at least seven pairs. The packages that said $7.99 rang up as $1. There were three pairs of underwear in them, so this was a fantastic price. It ended up that three of the packages were $1 each, so I spent $3 for 9 pairs of little boy underwear and I had 15 percent off on top of that, so close to 33 cents each after tax. And the underwear is Star Wars, Diego, and Toy Story. I love shopping at Kohl’s and finding things on sale there (which is really all that I buy there because I don’t pay their normal prices ever).
We got the girls’ school pictures back and I put them on our wall. They did pretty good. The big picture that I printed out for free from Walmart fits into a frame I had already, so I hung it up that way. Our sticky putty stuff wouldn’t keep it up on the wall. This is on the way into their room, so they can see themselves at the Temple all the time. I love it.
Here is some of our Halloween decorations this year. Not too fancy, but since they are basically all in the living room, it seems like more than it is.
Saturday night we went down to Umatilla to go to my second cousin’s wedding reception. Her dad is cousins with my mom. I lived in Umatilla from four to ten years old, so I expected to know a few people too. I saw my bishop from when I was baptized. He came over and said hello and said how nice my family was. Because Janelle (my cousin) married a guy (Trevor) from Walla Walla, the people my parents know from there all told me that I look like my little sister. Okay. I never lived in Walla Walla, so I don’t know them as well. My parent’s moved there when Elizabeth was 17 months old.
I used to babysit (or maybe her mom was watching me while my mom got her hair done???) Janelle and her siblings (who all have J names) after we moved to Burbank. We used to watch The Little Mermaid together and play Barbies. We were penpals for a long time too.
Apparently, it’s been a while since I visited the church in Umatilla because it took us a little longer than expected to find it. In my defense, they did build a few neighborhoods around it in the last 19 years and it was night and Andy had the GPS all set up to get there and turned it off before we were there and I was TEN when we moved. Alright. Enough of that. Janelle looked beautiful and it was a lovely reception. I’m so happy to see her happily married and even more excited that she went to the Temple.

Oh and keep voting for my mom over here for her Doggie quilt. She’d really appreciate a comment (or ten) over there. It doesn’t show who leaves comments so be creative. =)

One response to “Crepe Paper

  1. Christina says:

    You guys have been busy (as always.) I really like the picture of the kids at the temple. I want to do that too!!! Elizabeth's birthday party looked fun. Cute idea! And yea for Vincent!!! (and for cheap undies!)

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