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Dressing up

on October 22, 2011

Monday night the kids tried on costumes to decide for sure what they want to be for Halloween this year. Pretty much, they want to keep looking. Not much time left…
I bought this Tinkerbell costume last year on clearance and it fits Olivia, but she doesn’t want to be it. I think she should (obviously with warmer clothes underneath.)
She liked my wig from last year with the Esmeralda dress from the Hunchback of Notre Dame movie.Abby is too small to be this cat. Even with the legs and arms rolled up, it looks silly because the cat’s tail starts at her ankles. Next year… She didn’t like it much either.Elizabeth tried on some costumes, but they didn’t fit her very well and most of the time she was between outfits. This is her on Tuesday night before she went to her new martial arts class.Wednesday morning Andy took our smallest two kids to his mom’s while I went to help at the book fair at the school. I had the girls each pick something before they went to class. They couldn’t decide on books and finally just asked if I’d get them each a dollar thing there. So they picked out just the ones they wanted and I bought them for them when I was done. After school they were so excited to see them and then Olivia discovered that her lollipop was actually a big eraser shaped like a lollipop and wasn’t very happy that she couldn’t eat it. (Actually she was sobbing for about fifteen minutes.)Elizabeth loved her little pig and cow eraser puzzles. Since she didn’t like it, she decided to wreck it and that’s when I put it away.
This week has been busy, busy.
I’ve been looking at my calendars and discovering that Thursdays seem to fill up most with events. I feel busy just about every day except at our naptime when I make sure that we are home most of the time so Vincent, Abby, and I can all nap. It’s my favorite time of the day. The least favorite? Waking up after naps to pick up the girls. I almost always have to wake up both the kids and myself. It’s annoying. Oh well.

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