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Getting a Little Country

on October 27, 2011

The first grade hoedown (Elizabeth’s is at that link) was tonight for Olivia, so we went and watched her sing and dance with her class. This is the kids in her class who came tonight. They took a group picture at the end, but it just didn’t work right between the kids being way too wide to people sitting at tables in front of the group, it just didn’t work, so I was a little bummed.
Olivia is in the red shirt with her jean skirt.
The first graders pick someone to do one of the dances with them and Olivia picked Elizabeth so she wouldn’t have to teach her anything. But then they moved all the way to the middle of the room where I couldn’t take a nice picture. Pictures are hard in the school.
Elizabeth can take them alright though, I guess. She took this one of Abby and I.Abby was trying to take the hat off, but it looks like she’s acting like a cowgirl.I wanted a picture of everybody in our family but me, so I took this one and the color is even decent. Nearly everyone looks pretty good too. I told them all to smile and most of them even listened.
Now nearly all of them don’t look good, but one of them does. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, sweetheart. And as much as people say you can photoshop pictures, no one ever really does it…
Here is Olivia with her saint of a teacher. She’s a long term sub in their class while the regular teacher is on extended maternity leave until after Christmas.
They have a pretty wild class this year. There are several kids who just need one on one attention and it’s impossible to do that with 25 kids and one teacher. I really think a few of them would have benefited from redoing kindergarten. One that I’m thinking of put glue stick all over his hand on Monday and right after I made him go and wash his hands, he came back and tried to do it again. So frustrating….and I’m only there for 45 minutes a week!

At least it’s not my kid who’s the problem. Not Olivia. Never. We were talking about refocuses (that’s what they call it at our school when a kid gets in trouble) and Elizabeth and Olivia both said they haven’t ever got one and NEVER EVER will. That’s right. Be good girls…..and would you please start listening the first time at home while you’re at it?
We’ll see how Vincent does at school! I’m sure I’ll get my share of those refocus papers when he starts, although he is getting so much better and no more accidents this week. He’s really getting it!

One response to “Getting a Little Country

  1. Mary says:

    I remember Rough Waters and Smooth Sailings reports at McNary with one teacher- I didn't appreciate them at all. The lights at the school make for odd pictures anyway. You might have to be glad your girls behave at School. -Pollyanna MOM

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