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jiu jitsu and a special day

on November 6, 2011

Elizabeth is really enjoying her jiu jitsu (yes, I googled the spelling.) This picture doesn’t show that she likes it, but she does. She was embarrassed that I was taking her picture because no one else was getting their picture taken. Too bad. (This is actually the better of the two I took.)We’ve been trying to stay home a little more the end of this week. Friday morning we had one friend over to play with Vincent while his mom painted the walls inside their house and minutes after his mom picked him up, our little princess friend came to visit for a little while. She missed Halloween because she was sick or something, so she is wearing her costume as much as she can. It’s like a little apron. Very clever and it wasn’t too hard for her to go potty in. Vincent is an entertainer. Just before I took this picture, they were right next to each other on the couch and she had her head on his shoulder a little. Cute, but they are tiny, so it’s not like she’s his girlfriend because I think that’s dumb (a 3 year old with a girlfriend that is, not that they are tiny and cute.)

Saturday was a busy and wonderful day. We started out by cleaning the church (which normally we are signed up for right after I have a baby so I skip…), but all of us went and the girls helped me clean the sacrament trays. We hurried home to get ready for the baptism of my nephew (my oldest brother’s third son) and drove over to Kennewick without Andy who had practice for the Nutcracker ballet (he dances in the party scene with his sister-fifth year I think.) It was great to visit with my family, listen to well prepared talks, and see my nephew get baptized by my big brother. Just look at how happy and cute he is!
We went over to their house afterwards for cake and juice and the kids played, but not in their Sunday best. They changed into their emergency clothes until it was nearly time for Andy’s practice to be done. We rested for a little bit at home (and I made one little run to Hallmark where I had a coupon for $5 off a $10 purchase and $4 worth of free money they sent me that expires this weekend-love nearly free!)
I had a half hour nap before we packed the kids up and dropped them off at Grandma Shirley’s house so we could do a Temple Baptism Trip with our ward. We planned it as Ward Mission Leader and Ward Missionary (before I was released a few weeks ago), so we both obviously wanted to go. It was beautiful (of course) and very nice. Andy even was able to perform my baptisms for the dead. We hadn’t done that together before. It totally made my day.
Another little tidbit that makes me burst my buttons (I don’t know where that little phrase comes from, but I like it) this week was when Olivia came home in the middle of the week and told me that there was a new boy in her class named Josh Wah. I received an email later that day from the Bishop of our ward (because Andy has meetings with him) that a new family moved into our ward and that they have three sons. The middle one is Olivia’s age and is named Joshua. It was hard to convince her that his name was not Josh Wah, but Joshua and that he has a different last name than Wah. I put the two little tidbits together and told Olivia that he would probably be in primary on Sunday and she got all excited, so I showed her the email that said he has both an older and younger brother. She went to school the next day and told him that he was going to be in Cottonwood Ward and that he has two brothers. He then went home and told his mom that a little girl named Olivia told him they were in Cottonwood ward (which she already knew). Olivia is super excited to see him “everyday except Saturday unless he’s sick or something”. I was telling our Bishop’s wife this little story this morning at the church and she said that his mom told it to her as well and she figured out that it was our little Olivia. I’m so glad she is so friendly and welcoming and excitable. I sure love her little spirit!

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