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A milestone

on November 10, 2011

Abby has reached one of Andy’s favorite of the less celebrated milestones–holding her own bottle to feed herself. She has been holding it for the last month or so, but here are pictures. We celebrate just about everything with pictures at our house.She likes to sit up with it.On Wednesday Abby had a her nine month doctor visit with our long-time pediatrician who let me know that he’s retiring at the end of the year.

Abby is now 16 pounds 10 ounces and 27 inches tall. She is super active and wears off all the food she eats, I guess. She’s been small from the beginning, so her being in the 10th percentile is just her normal. 27 inches is in the 25th percentile, I guess. She is busy and eats anything, so I’m not worried. She’s just a cute, petite girl. She wears her clothes longer and I don’t have to switch them out as much. I like that.We went back after school so the three older kids could get the flu mist and I had to have a picture of them with him since they probably won’t need to go back to the doctor until their next birthdays.

I already called the doctor’s office that Andy and I would go to if we visited the doctor and they take our new insurance and have openings, so we’ll be all set.
Here is what our front window looks like all decorated for Thanksgiving. We made that turkey during FHE Monday night with Elizabeth’s direction.

What do you do to celebrate the less celebrated milestones? Our favorites are holding the bottle, burping alone, dressing alone, and buckling their seat belts alone….I guess we like our kids to be independent.
By the way, people talked for the last five days about daylight savings time messing their kids up. I want to report that my kids did just fine—just lucky, no tips—until this morning. I think they have delayed DST. It’s not like I needed to sleep, right? Oh, yes, I really did… How do people handle kids at 6am? I should just be grateful that most days they don’t get up until 7:30…

2 responses to “A milestone

  1. Jemmett Clan says:

    I too loved when my kids hit those milestones!! I guess I am all for independence as well!! My kids have had a hard time with this time change. I was liking the 6:45 mornings….the 5:45 mornings, not so much!! Hope your kids switch back and don't wake up so early!!!

  2. Bottle holding is definitely exciting. :)To answer your questions, we leave LV tomorrow. We'll be in Seattle for Thanksgiving.

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