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Just Another Manic Monday

on November 15, 2011

Are you singing that song yet? I am.
Our Monday started with Elizabeth and Olivia going to the school for free (sort of-unless you count taxes…) breakfast. Our school is offering it all week, which I am totally taking advantage of. First because I don’t have to make them breakfast (or worry about them spilling cereal all over the floor). Second, because breakfast at the school starts right when Andy normally leaves in the morning, so he is dropping them off this week, allowing me to stay home a little longer (and we are saving a little gas too….I care less about that than that I get to stay in my pajamas longer-even though I drop them off wearing pajamas and a big sweatshirt.) The girls reported that they liked school breakfast. They could have picked French toast sticks, but Elizabeth got a yogurt parfait and Olivia picked cold cereal. Really? I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but I guess it’s nice that they like easy breakfast.

I got ready to go because I helped in Olivia’s first grade class this morning. I arranged to drop Vincent and Abby off with a friend who has two kids (of the same gender and age as mine) and she said they were good, so I guess I believe her….
I helped in the first grade, which really means that I spent the morning helping two kids who can’t control themselves enough to focus on their task. They need a little extra attention. They are smart, just distractable (I know that’s not a word, but I’m pretty sure a classmate used to call me that in school).

From there, we came home for a bit, had some early lunch, Abby and I took little naps, and then we picked up the big girls at 12:30. This week is early release all week because of parent-teacher conferences (and our school districts new plan to make teachers work more and get paid less and just to be annoying so it’s more work for the parents or something…)

We came home and put their things away before doing a few little crafts. We painted q-tip trees, I painted some bobby pins with nail polish, and the kids each made their initial with buttons (but not as fancy as that picture). See!? Three Pinterest items checked off in one day!

Then it was time to go to ballet, but first we picked up some coupons from a friend, and then we picked up Olivia’s friend who we trade ballet driving with each week, before heading to ballet. Olivia did her class while Elizabeth made a paper boat in the hallway, Vincent ran down the hall as fast (and as loud) as he could, and Abby begged to get out of the stroller. I, on the other hand, read two whole pages of my book over and over while I chatted with the other moms about something silly.

Back home for our leftovers dinner and loading the dishwasher and two changes of clothes for Olivia who normally changes into her pajamas right after ballet is over (at 5pm-my kind of girl!) so we could go to the library in Burbank (my hometown-25 minutes away). We went there because the lady who used to coach tennis with me in Burbank when Elizabeth was 15 months old (just before my parents moved) wrote a children’s book. She is a kindergarten teacher there and wrote it for her great nephews. It is called, “The Bear Family Adored Fancy Underwear”. It was a hoot and a half.
This is Holly reading the book to the group after signing copies of it that were purchased (it was only $10 there).
Elizabeth and Olivia listened intently. (Vincent just wanted to talk about the bear’s underwear, so he was on my lap while Abby drank a bottle.)My kids with a real life author.

They had cookies and juice afterwards and I talked with several people I knew from way back when and then we left…..we got to the car before three kids said they needed to go to the bathroom so I had to take them back in and wait and wait and wait for them to finish. At least they said it before we left all the way, I guess.

We got home, the kids got ready for bed, Andy read to them while I got some coupons ready for Albertson’s doublers this week (love them!), we put the kids to bed, and then I went out with some friends for late night (half price) appetizers at Applebee’s for a friend’s 40th birthday this week. It was so much fun to visit with some of my friends. I haven’t seen most of them in a while because our ward divided last year and life is too busy to see each other once a week without going to church in the same building at the same time. I have still seen them, but not as much.

When I got home at 11pm, I still had plenty of time to deal with two crying youngest kids (unfortunately), make some lunches for tomorrow, fold some laundry, get the kids back to sleep, write a blog before I forget what happened, and now it’s bedtime for me (at my normal time of 2am.)

And tomorrow is much less manic, so don’t worry about me.


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